Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the expected return of Adam Jensen through the front door

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the expected return of Adam Jensen through the front door

See, I have warned in recent days. After playing the first two hours of ‘Deus Ex: Divided Mankind’ we have had the opportunity to thoroughly test everything offered this continuation of ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ and we can finally draw our final conclusions.

The return of Adam Jensen had waiting for months. Fans of the series were clamoring to come at once launch, especially after the delay suffered long and that initially was to be published last February. Will there be worthwhile this time out?

Usually the reasons for the arrival of a game usually are postponed because it needs additional time to perfect. Eidos Montreal had it right, I wanted to make all the adjustments as necessary to fulfill his quality standards and our first impressions we thought so, but now needs to verify the true test result.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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Human, increased film and an argument

As I already have the narrative burden of ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’ is amazing. We do not want to reveal too much because what really matters is that you discover yourself all that happens, but I can count at least part of the argument, which will be located two years after the events that took place in its predecessor.

At that time, the players had the option to choose between four different endings, but that does not matter here. However, before starting the main adventure game invites us to see a full 12-minute video in which we narrate with gory everything that happened in ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ and thus catch up the situation, which will be essential to understand many things and behavior of some characters.

The argument of both games has many details that this idea would be appreciated if we miss something. So once we have learned all tell us that society is divided between human and upgraded. This is due because of an incident that led to the latter, these people with cybernetic implants that provide improvements in your body, to cause chaos in the city, sparking fear and causing terrorist attacks, although most they acted without being aware of what they did.

In any case, both human and augmented, have taken advantage of this situation and try to get some benefit from it himself, as the first mission we have to fulfill and we will arrest a dealer increases. And now Adam Jensen has become part of the Operations Group 29, a new anti-terrorism unit of Interpol. What neither he nor anyone else can imagine is that all that will be the trigger for a much larger conflict that will come later.

What is it? That you will be up to you to find out, because precisely the argument of ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’ is to completely enjoy it, calmly and without haste, because many concepts that must be taken into account or many names to memorize, but luckily everything is narrated to perfection. At no time did we feel that we have no idea what they are telling you and above all we will want to keep playing to find out more details of what will happen next.

More than anything because the background of the story is impressive. Conspiracies and corruptions among criminal gangs, multinational companies, politicians and organizations that remain in the dark. They are just some of the groups participating in this sequel to force us to unravel what is really happening and where they come from all these waves of terrorist attacks.

The importance of decisions

As was the case in its predecessor, in ‘Deus Ex: Divided Mankind’ there will never be a single way forward. You can choose if you want to take the “A”, “B” or “C” for example, route to the point “D”. The destination is the same, but not all players will end up performing the same tasks in the same way.

In other words, if we want to strain into a site we can do sneak through corridors ventilation, hiding from enemies or security cameras, also looking for accomplices we can lend a hand or perhaps going to lindens sack shot with all the world. Each user can play as you wish, so there will be excuses to say “is that I do not like stealth” or ”another game action” because there will always be different routes to follow.

This also see it when developing missions assigned to us. When we talk to the characters several options on how we plan and develop situations. Yes, the game we always tell you what they say Adam Jensen if we choose an option, so we can imagine the result of our words, we sometimes benefit or harm, depending on the courage, humility or arrogance we want to show.

Moreover, some missions do not always end up the same way, giving us a good deal of replay ability if we want to find out what would have happened if we had taken other decisions or acted differently. This will also affect the achievements or trophies will be unlocked, so we have to complete more than once the main story if we get 100%.

The thing to note about it is that ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’ is intended primarily as a stealth game, but also has enough action. This is mainly because if we get caught enemies or police, depending on the mission, jump all alarms and be a target of arrest until they can kill us or until we remain the hidden long enough.

However, the latter has perhaps been coincidence or a mistake of the game, but more than once without being in sight of anyone for several minutes, there was no way to do that would stop looking for us, making it impossible to restore the situation to normal or make citizens should not enter into panic. The only way ended up leaving being well away or even leaves the building where we were to return to regain stealth a simpler way.

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Adam Jensen 2.0

Luckily Adam Jensen is packed with increases that will help us solve all kinds of situations. The vast majority of them and saw in his previous title, but now have been included so many new ones that will give us a lot of facilities thanks to Praxis packages. These will not be infinite and will be getting to fulfill missions or gain experience depending on the effectiveness of our actions.

With the help of these objects we will gain new skills that can be distributed in accordance with the way we play. Among these new features will be able to give our protagonist greater shock resistance, the ability to lift heavy objects, greater effectiveness in pirating technology devices, eliminating damage if we fall from a very high place and so to many others.

How to distribute the increases should not be never taken lightly, because while some will be very useful in some situations, others will serve others. However, we can never get us caught for not having better distributed the Praxis packages, but in the same way you cannot backtrack on any decision we make, so you always have to think twice our next step both when to advance the argument as to improve Adam Jensen.

What is certain is that, as already indicated above, related increases stealth end up being the best in the long run, because our character is a bit of paper and until we do not give enough increases to improve their resistance shall validate us in a flash. That especially also because the enemies that appear will not be especially short.

Still, the difficulty is very well run and at all times the game will offer us a great challenge at any moment we will find it impossible to complete. What course it will take a good amount of hours to enjoy ourselves and may well exceed the twenty if we dedicate ourselves to explore every corner of the huge maps, discover all the secrets and complete all secondary missions.

The new mode dispensable Breach

The already if complete main story has now added the Breach mode, with which Eidos Montreal proposes a different challenge. In it we embody a virtual character that we access servers companies to pirates and extract the data and information hiding. The gameplay will be exactly the same as the main game, but with added.

Here the goal is to complete a series of short missions in the shortest possible time in quite smaller scenarios in which again can opt for stealth or action. According to finalizing let’s win experience that will serve to level up and gain more increases to improve our character.

It also has leaderboards in which we can compare our results with those of our friends and compete to see who gets more points or levels passed in less time. However, in the long run thus it gets a bit repetitive and although it has its own story to be what really motivates us to play, will not be in a global set a great incentive.

What is clear is that the campaign has been created to play it calmly, carefully and with time and Breach mode for those who prefer something faster and live to play short games. The addition of these extras are naturally grateful, but neither would have missed not exist.

A sequel that exceeds expectations

Repeat it as many times as needed, but the story of ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’ is wonderful. Easily grabs you so well run it is and from the outset, without waiting to take shape as its predecessor. But that’s not all, because although the argument looks like a movie, its artistic direction and cinematic are other great ways to have this feeling.

The cyberpunk, futuristic world that we face is very well done and we believe it totally. The scenarios are loaded with details and hours will fly by us as we explore every corner of them. Perhaps the modeling of the characters is the worst in terms of the visual aspects, because they are usually very normal animations that do not stand at all.

The same is true when falling collapsed on the floor, they seem dolls without bones positions that may come to adopt whether or drag launched into the air. In addition, the game sometimes suffers huge drops fps if too many characters and shots on the screen accumulate, but luckily, these situations are rare, but load times are criminals and really exaggerated when we move from one setting to another or when we start the game.

By contrast, the soundtrack is not it can get any hits. It is splendid and perfectly accompanies every situation that is occurring, with calmer music if we are walking, if we want to stress that we discover or higher rate if no action involved.

In any case, we could spend hours telling stories that we lived in different missions during our trip through ‘Deus Ex: Divided Mankind’, even discovering curiosities and winks to other games, but that is something that you should check yourself. It is an experience that should be played by anyone and that will hardly disappoint.

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