Halloween Driving Safety Tips

Halloween Driving Safety Tips

Millions of kids count down the days until their inner ghouls, ghosts, or girly girls can beg for a bag full of treats. But just how popular is beggar’s night around America? According to analysts, consumer spending is at a decade-long high and 2017 is expected to see a record number of 179 million Americans celebrating Halloween in some physical form. That also leads to an expected nationwide record-breaking candy splurge of $9.1 billion. All of that extra activity and sugar buzzing leads to extra dangers whether your outings occur in broad daylight, twilight, or the witching hour. Fortunately, there are some simple and effective ways to avoid a Michigan auto accident this Halloween season.

Ditch the Drinking and Distraction

Drinking and driving is still the top cause of auto accidents, followed by distracted driving. Most states have strict cell phone usage laws because distracted driving is a deadly habit. But if you push those limits anyway, at least avoid it altogether when kids are around. Drinking and distraction lead to thousands of preventable injuries and fatalities on an annual basis, but those numbers are inflated around Halloween. Just how inflated? According to some statistics, children are twice as likely to be killed by a driver on All Hallows Eve than on any other day of the year. So why is chance destroying multiple lives, including your own?

Watch the Speed Limit

The last thing in the world that should go bump in the night off your vehicle is a little one looking for their next candy score. To avoid that horrific nightmare entirely, note all speed limits if you have to be out. And when you’re in a residential neighborhood or notice pedestrians of any age, slow down even further. You won’t hurt anyone by going too slow, and you may be able to avoid a call to your  car accident attorney.

Pay Extra Attention

A crowd of kids hopped up on sweets leads to a bumbling band of bouncing babes. And chances are, at least one of them will end up darting out into the road or your path before their parent or guardian knows what happened. This can just as easily happen when you’re reversing out of your driveway as it can when you’re rolling 20 mph down a residential street. Regardless of where you’re moving, make sure the coast is completely clear before proceeding. And keep those eyes and ears open for any sudden changes.

Allow Extra Time

Being rushed for time for any reason can lead to making countless mistakes. Using a cell phone, grabbing a harmless drink, speeding, and not paying attention to your surroundings may be par for the course any other time. But even one of those decisions is more likely to result in deadly consequences around Halloween. So, allow yourself plenty of extra time. Plan it. Schedule it. Set an alarm. Do whatever you need to do to ensure you’re not responsible for a trick or treat tragedy.

Make Sure Your Kids Know the Rules

Twelve percent of kids age five and younger are allowed to go trick-or-treating by themselves in their neighborhood, and yet, only one-third of parents talk to their kids about the potential dangers and what to do to avoid them. While dark clothing and distraction are concerns, child predators are also out scoping for their next victims. Be open, honest, and warn your children to never get near or in a stranger’s car. They should only approach well-lit homes in the area, work as a team to stay on schedule, and wear reflective tape to avoid an auto accident. But if trouble still arises, your Michigan car accident attorney can help set things right again.

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