All Pixar Movies Sorted From Worst To Best

Pixar Movies

All Pixar Movies Sorted From Worst To Best

‘The Incredibles 2’ returns us the best face of Pixar, a company that has given us a multitude of great movies since the premiere of ‘Toy Story’ in 1995.

Naturally, everyone has their favorite titles and also those they do not like so much. Something tells me that there are many more coincidences in the latter than in the first and we have decided to dare to countdown order the 20 Pixar films from worst to best. We invite you to discover the position that each of them occupies …

20. ‘Cars 2’

The lowest point in Pixar’s filmography is a movie that at least is not a copy of its predecessor, but that’s not necessarily good in this case. A crazy plot of spies that never hooks and entrusts an excessive prominence to the unbearable Mate to bring forward a story that more than ever seems designed to continue selling merchandising – the benefits of this franchise on that side are greater than those achieved by passing through cinemas Of the movies-.

19. ‘Cars 3’

A worthy attempt to recover the spirit of the first delivery by giving a turn to the career of Lightning McQueen. It does not offer anything particularly stimulating in what it tells us and develops it with common sense but pulling too much of the autopilot. There is some funny scene and this time they worry about giving a bit of heart to the story, but that radical turn promised by the first advances was much more promising than what we ended up seeing in the movies.

18. ‘Cars’

A kind of undercover remake of ‘Doc Hollywood’, the film starring Michael J. Fox in 1991. The story is the same, the only thing that here the protagonist is a racing car and there a surgeon. It was the first ‘Cars’ movie in which the magic that had characterized the studio was simply not there. Yes there was a certain mime in the aspirations of the protagonist and his relationship with the character that gave voice Paul Newman, but ended up being just one more instead of being one of the level of Pixar.

17. ‘The Good Dinosaur’

A nice but irregular adventure full of situations more or less curious but that did not work as a whole. The animation was extraordinary and there are moments of great beauty, but the script does not measure up, something especially evident when the protagonists are engaged in talking. When they act, it is entertaining in the worst case, but what refers to the emotional journey of the protagonist is simply not up to what we expect and want from Pixar.

16. ‘Brave’

The Disney Classic by Pixar. I cannot think of a better way to define the history of Merida. It is true that certain topics associated with the image of princesses in animated cinema are dismantled, but their stimulating point of axis is explored in a somewhat unequal way: the need for mother and daughter to reconcile, with the former representing tradition (the Disney cinema of yesteryear) and the second the novelty (the Pixar films). The problem is that it does resemble Disney more, but not its best films and for that it does not reach a better place in this ranking.

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15. ‘Finding Dory’

A movie that shows that Pixar has a great facility to give us good entertainment with a handful of scenes for the memory and some gag anthology. However, it is also a sign of certain laziness on the part of the studio betting on insurance and does not know how to squeeze all the ingredients with which it has at its disposal – the use of Nemo and Marlin is quite improvable.

14. ‘Monsters University’

Something similar happens to ‘Looking for Dory’, with the difference that here simply does not come to contribute anything particularly relevant to the universe of Mike and Sulley. Yes, it is endearing and in no time you get bored thanks to his way of approaching the charm of the losers, but you stay a little the same after seeing it, which also helps the excess of characters. Instead of being fascinated, you have just known how to do it well enough so that you cannot put a big hand on it.

13. ‘Finding Nemo’

It is the first movie that comes to mind when talking about a work by Pixar that does not convince you as much as others. It is true that Dory is a hilarious character, that the trip under the sea to locate Nemo is the bearable sea and that in it there are many charming characters -very fan of the turtles-, but there is something that does not end fit all and still I cannot identify, but that is enough so that every time I see or think about it I like a little less. In fact, I enjoyed more with the musical based on the movie that can be seen in some Disney amusement parks than with the tape itself.

12. ‘A Bug’s Life’

The great forgotten of Pixar. The public little less than expected the new ‘Toy Story’ and what they found they liked, but not so much and with the passage of time has been being relegated. It is never mentioned among the best and it is a pity that I cannot do it either, because Flick’s trip to get the allies necessary to curb the tyranny of the grasshoppers is very entertaining and everything is so careful that it does not matter how predictable it could be. And it is based on his charm in that simplicity as a point of reference for the construction of some wonderful characters, including the fearsome Hopper to whom the now marginalized Kevin Spacey lent his voice.

11. ‘Wall-E’

I would not be surprised to see her topping the list of many and yet here she barely gets to the middle of the list. The reason? Yes, its first 30 minutes are a real wonderin which you do not even need the dialogues to build the fascinating relationship between Wall-E and Eva. The problem is that then the film continues and I the correcalles on board the spacecraft and everything related to obese humans does not bother me, but it means lowering the level significantly.

10. ‘The incredible 2’

The main downside that we can put this great sequel is the loss of the surprise factor, both for being a sequel and because it has been abused so much of superhero movies during the last years that we are already too familiar with its narrative springs. Beyond that we have a remarkable adventure that works like a shot and gives us a multitude of fun moments that more than compensate for the glue mentioned above.

9. ‘Monsters, Inc’

And we came to the most difficult, because with ‘Monsters, Inc’ we started the review of the Pixar films that I like so much that I find it hard to place one above the other. Let’s go in parts: Mike and Sulley are two memorable characters and the chemistry between them is indisputable, but is that Boo is so adorable that using that word falls short to describe it, the other characters are great -eye to the cameo of Bigfoot- and that end among the multitude of doors combines spectacularity and emotion in a way rarely seen. And the farewell is the perfect icing.

8. ‘Ratatouille’

The concept seemed doomed to fail: who is not going to disgust the idea that there is a rat in the kitchen and that on top is responsible for doing what you’re going to eat? I know that there are people who cannot overcome that detail, but is that the way to carry the story of Remy is a delight, both in relation to his relationship with Linguini as in having to his own family. It is easy to stay with the great monologue of Anton Ego, undoubtedly one of the summits of ‘Ratatouille’, but the whole adventure is a marvel that will conquer your heart until you reach a point where you simply believe in an ending that the paper is pure nonsense.

7. ‘Toy Story 2’

The sequel that Disney was about to do badly but that a last-minute deal saved. Everything that was initially planned was discarded for the benefit of an adventure that is true that comes to follow the same scheme of the first the only thing with Buzz having to rescue Woody. That is something that takes advantage to investigate more in its past – although it does not lack a tronchante revelation on Buzz- and to offer a fantastic precedent of the scene of the doors of ‘Monsters, SA’ with all the part of the conveyor belts of the airport.

6. ‘Coco’

It’s hard to assess just how much a film you’ve seen so recently – and only once – fits into the best of a company with as many gems as Pixar, but ‘Coco’ is fantastic. It begins as a more or less traditional adventure with special emphasis on the traditions of the fascinating Day of the Dead festival and then turn to a more emotional type of story that is conquering you almost without realizing it until you reach a point where it is almost impossible to contain the tears. To that we must add a lot of fun, great songs – the best of the studio from the emblematic ‘There is a friend in me’ – and very good characters. Essential.

5. ‘Toy Story’

The movie that changed everything. It is very difficult to hit the first one and Pixar did it taking the premise that your toys are really alive and have feelings, managing to get us to engage with them with an amazing naturalness. The great treatment of friendship, how beautifully successful is the rivalry between Woody and Buzz and the incredible adventure full of anthological scenes to return with Andy make it a before and after in the animated film and not only for being the first made entirely by computer.

4. ‘Toy Story 3’

I have hesitated until the last moment about which of the three installments of the saga was my favorite. The first is special by itself, the second was almost a miracle when it seemed doomed to failure and the third is a wonderful close to the story of Andy that reaches a point where it would be difficult to understand that there is someone who is not excited and I even burst into tears. On the way you have all the doubts and toys about whether Andy has passed them, the excellent reflection of that in the history of Lotso, the impressive scene in the garbage incinerator and the appearance of the adorable Bonnie to give new life to our Favorite movie toys.

3. ‘The Incredibles’

It was my favorite Pixar movie for a long time, probably still my favorite superhero movie and I cannot wait to see its sequel. Everything related to life after I stopped being a superhero conquered me, but Brad Bird also knows how to use the threat represented by Syndrome to recover the concept that the united family will never be defeated. Excitement and fun -genial detail of the glue of the layers- in an impeccable incident.

2. ‘Up’

The first ten minutes are so wonderful that here happened too many what happened to me with ‘Wall-e’. It is true that then is another roll, although there are some moments based on the emotional that they give in the bullseye, but it is that the crazy adventure of Carl and Russell is already so successful that by itself it would occupy a very high place in this list. To that we add how adorable is Dug and a great script that knows when to play each key and you have an authentic wonder , so much that even gets the miracle that every time I see it I like a little more, a whole rarity.

1. ‘Inside Out’

At the time I did not hesitate to say that it was the best Pixar movie as soon as I saw it and I keep it, and it has almost everything. On the one hand, that stage in which childhood begins to be left behind is explored and that entails important changes, but it is from the point of view of feelings, starting with a purely fun-oriented approach to give it a twist without at any moment give the feeling of being forced things.

The treatment of the characters is wonderful handling their strengths, there is a huge number of unforgettable scenes – although one starred by Bing Bong and Alegría takes the cake – everything has a wonderful charm, from the design of the characters to the soundtrack of Michael Giacchino, and I simply do not have the slightest problem to put him. I just hope that Pixar will manage to overcome it someday, because that would be wonderful news.

Now it’s your turn, what’s your ranking?

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