Play Amiga 10,000 titles in your browser using Internet Archive

Play amiga

Play Amiga 10,000 titles in your browser using Internet Archive

If you were legendary user Friend of Commodore, as you fancy a good helping of nostalgia. If it was not your case, it is never too late to learn a little history of the video game world in personal computers. The issue goes through Internet Archive, which has raised a good collection of titles to their domains, to enjoy either.

Specifically are 10357 games that can be run from the same browser (HTML5), so I will not do anything special lack – or find the right emulator, or the desired ROM – to go remembering those times reign, comprising almost a decade, from mid-eighties.

You reviewing some you find everything from multiple versions of Lemmings, Indianapolis 500, through Marble Madness, or ending in Frontier: Elite II, Double Dragon, or Turrican. Despite the extensive offer, I miss some titles that I liked very much at the time, such as Sensible Soccer or Formula One Grand Prix of Microprose.

Play amiga

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Among the games there are also some application known as Deluxe Paint or Soundtracker. The Commodore Amiga was a great school of developers, also where large development teams, among which we highlight the created Bitmap Brothers, Sierra, Psygnosis, Ocean or the Team 17.

Obviously there is an emulator to run in the browser, there is a charging time for games – sometimes long – and the control system is not always clear, but we will not bring them many drawbacks to this fantastic effort to collect both digital heritage.

An employee of the project reminds us that there are lots of things to polish, so we must be patient and we will see an improvement in performance. We also have there is the possibility of downloading images from the games ADF (Amiga Disk File), with the idea of running them in other emulators such as WinUAE.

If you do not have enough Amiga

Earlier this year we told you about how the Internet Archive page we could find a section with a collection of more than 2300 MS-DOS games: Wolfenstein 3D, Master of Orion, Prince of Persia, SimCity or Street Fighter.

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The possibility of sharing MS-DOS games on Twitter and was also set to play from the tweets themselves, but to the social network did not much like the idea and censured

There is also a packed room console waiting for you to kill the dead hours of summer, or procrastinéis a little work or study. From an Atari 7200 to a MegaDrive going through a NeoGeoPocket, plus individual titles.

Preserving the digital heritage

The project Software Library Project Internet Archive seeks to preserve the digital heritage creating an online library. It is an organization without profit organization that was founded in 1996 in San Francisco and lives thanks to donations.

In their domains are much more than software (games and applications), there are also texts, audio, video, or web pages as well as mechanisms to adapt reading to people with special needs.

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