Tattoos for best friends with meaning

tattoos for best friends with meaning

Tattoos for best friends with meaning

Do you want to remember your friends for life? Surely you do millions of things together, that you have been side by side for years and, why not, you want to commemorate your friendship with a flourish. Friendship not only brings good times or fun, but it also involves overcoming obstacles, crying or fighting together. No matter how the years go by, you have learned to forgive, forget, and learn together, which is why true friends can count on one hand. Be that as it may, we want to show you an original and unique idea with which you will stay even closer for life. Today we bring you 10 tattoos for best friends with meaning and take it to another level. Do you want to know more? Discover the craziest, funniest and most sincere ideas here!

Tattoos for best friends with meaning

tattoos for best friends with meaning

Surely among you, there is a keyword, a crazy song or an adjective that describes you. What better idea than to express your friendship through words? There are beautiful tattoos that symbolize friendship and that will keep it in you forever. We talk about the word tattoos. The most used in these cases are, for example: “Friends,” “Forever,” “Love,” “Dream,” “Infinity” … But not just any worth! Think of a word of yours and tattoo it on yourself.

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Heart tattoos

Hearts cannot be missing in friendship tattoos. The good idea is to make them minimalist, in discreet places or even tattoo only one half of the heart so that your friend or friend has the other half. These types of tattoos are ideal for the fingers of the hands, an easy part to put together. In this way, you will share your heart thanks to your friends and through a tattoo.

Puzzle pieces

Puzzle pieces are a fun and original resource that can represent your friendship. You are a perfect fit, right? So, what better way to capture it on your skin in this way. If you are a group of friends, the idea is still better. You must achieve that each one or each one has a different piece on their skin and, if possible, be tattooed in the same area, so when you put the puzzle together, it will make sense, as much as your friendship. You can read about Ruben blades family.

Complementary designs

Are you different but complementary? Look for two opposing images that are needed. The sun and the moon, the ying and the yang … If your friendship is invincible, complementary and unique, this type of tattoo will cause a sensation. And although it will not be the same tattoo, you will load it with meaning.

Your song

How many times have you been excited listening to your favorite song? As in any relationship, there are also songs for friendship. Look for the best verse, that phrase that says everything about you and get it tattooed. It’s also a good idea to get an unfinished phrase tattooed and the other to tattoo the end of that phrase. There will be no better way to symbolize your friendship and always remember you.

Tattoos with secret meaning

If you don’t want anyone to know what your tattoo is about if you want to make a tattoo just as unique and special as your friendship, be original and tattoo a symbol that only you can understand. For example, use Morse code, made up of dots and dashes. You can also tattoo your nicknames or a word that represents something special for you, so you will give it a uniquely special meaning to you.

Compass tattoos

As you well know, friends are light. They are guides. They are north and sometimes also south. Have you understood the key to this friendship tattoo? We propose a compass or wind rose. It can be very representative and show a true friendship. The place? To choose!

Union Tattoo

How many things we would like to last forever … Friendship, if you take care of it daily, is one of those things that, no matter how much it changes, never fails. If you take this idea for a common tattoo, you will hit the nail on the head. Start a tattoo, for example, a doll held with a rope and your other friend that follows the rope until they reach another doll. It is a very beautiful way to always be together and be the perfect complement.

Tattoo with your most important date

There is nothing more representative than selecting an important date representing your friendship to tattoo it on your skin. That unforgettable concert, the day you met, the day of your greatest adventure, the day you learned to apologize … There are so many moments to remember! You can design it in date format or select the numbers. Add a heart to it and the meaning will be total.

An infinite friendship

And don’t forget the most typical tattoos representing friendship: the infinity symbol for its durability, the anchor to always stay together, the arrows with a cross in the middle, or opt for something original. For example, tattooing your favorite vice: beer mugs, animals, a protagonist of a video game … Everything fits in the world of tattoos! The important thing is to find something that represents and symbolizes your friendship. If others don’t understand it … What difference does it make!

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