Boxer Shorts Buying Guide for Stylish Men

Boxer Shorts Buying Guide for Stylish Men

Like swimwear, men’s briefs are also trending up and have become an integral part of men’s fashion statement. Men can create the art of being masculine and sturdy even in their boxer shorts if they have got the right trick of buying them. The billion dollar industry boxer shorts for men are best for trekking up to high mountains, riding, biking, rock climbing, exercising, walking that provides style quotient with comfort and protect against sweat. With the growing fashion, men have also seen to get more proactive in their clothing choices. There are varieties of styles, patterns and fabric in the market that are available to flaunt it enough with boxer shorts. Popular brands as well as medium brands are regularly producing novelty in the market to keep guys buying.

Quick tips to choose most apt boxer shorts

  • Choose the style that you are comfortable with and do not feel conscious to put it on. Intimate clothing is all about confidence and it should be portrayed in your briefs. Something you keep struggling with to adjust won’t work.
  • Men also get VPLs, so buy boxers that are seamless and not visible when you put on slim-fit or body hugging clothes like that of pencil cut jeans or narrow trousers. Do not go for trunks that bunch-up and can make you feel embarrass.
  • Guys if you have crossed your teenage then better avoid nursery prints, cartoons or geometrical prints.
  • If you have got Calvin Klein boxers under your trousers, then flaunting your branded waistband is not too much. Branded boxers are a good bet here.
  • Do not just run after the brand tag or designer’s name, always look for quality, elastics or cut for the price. Overlooking the quality concern is just wastage of money.
  • Do not choose to wear those synthetic mix, silky fabric boxers or thongs. They give that cheap look.
  • Go with the sizing chart and always try the garment prior to buying. If you get too small waist then it can crop into your side waist or love handles (if you have) that will make you look more plump and uneasy. And dare to get that oversized boxers that will give you the furious saggy butts effect.
  • Buy little and often – you don’t want the elastic to all go at the same time.
  • Buy gradually if you want to keep up to the changing fashion trends as the companies often discontinue specific designs and bring in something innovative frequently.
  • Undersell and over deliver – so no ‘enhancers’, front or back!

Different types of boxer shorts for style lovers

  • If you are trend setter and a fashion lover then bold prints are just for you.
  • Those who love to portray that vintage effect then retro-influenced Y-fronts are the thing for you
  • If you’re an elegant dresser then tailored and fitted would suit you best.

Fabric for Modern addition to men’s Shorts

Cotton Shorts

A lightweight, heat-resistant and breathable fabric that is the best choice for boxer briefs. Cotton boxers barely fade away and are washable and dried easily. Seersucker, gauze, true Madras cloth, drill or twill is its different variants.

Linen Shorts

A ‘fashion-forward” look fabric that offers utmost elegance and stylish with comfort and durability.

Wool Shorts

These come with smooth drape that are easily worn in summers.


Spandex, polyester or Nylon mix shorts are usually created for athletes. Guys have that cool feel with the loosely woven sports shorts that are even better than cotton weave.

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