The longest hair in the world

The longest hair in the world

We talk about hair, a distinctive form of our character, of our way of being and a fundamental element of how we place ourselves in relation to others, in many cases representing a real distinctive element of generations and social movements worldwide.

Today we talk about those who have made their hair something special, so much so that it ends up in the Guinness Book of World Records of longest hair in the world.

Xie Qiuping, the woman with the longest hair in the world

longest hair in the world

We had already talked about Xie Qiuping, the woman who has held the record for the longest hair in the world since 2004. A long growth that has lasted since 1973 and that during the last measurement established the record to beat at 5 meters and 62 centimeters! How much the height of an adult giraffe.

Besides the Chinese Xie, however, there are many other people who thanks to their hair have reserved a place in the great book of records.

Abril Lorenzatti: The teenager with the longest hair in the world

longest hair in the world

In Argentina, for example, Abril Lorenzatti holds the record for being the longest-haired teenager in the world. With a length of 1 meter and 52 centimeters. Her record was born 10 years ago, when Abril, at the age of 7, stopped cutting her hair after a bad hairdresser experience.

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Asha Mandela: The longest Rastas in the world

longest hair in the world

Always a woman, this time from Atlanta in the USA, Asha Mandela has been caring for and growing her rasta for 25 years, arriving with the longest at an impressive length of 16 meters.

A record that many doctors consider dangerous for Asha’s health due to the weight the head has to bear, as much as 19 kilograms!

Asha, however, does not seem worried by the warning of the experts and says that the hair is her life and that she will never cut it, also affirming that her rasta helped her over the years to overcome various diseases, including two heart attacks and a tumor.

Small curiosity: Asha is so fond of her hair to call them “my baby” and to devote 2 days each time to cleaning them.

Nilanshi: The real Rapunzel

longest hair in the world

Nilanshi is the real Rapunzel, the queen of fairy tales who has a passion for young and old. The young Indian woman is endowed with this very long hair of a beautiful intense brown and has been certified by the Guinness World Record that her hair is the longest in the world.

The 16-year-old Indian girl has confessed that she hasn’t cut her hair since she was 6 so since she was very young. To wash and dry them, which of course immediately comes to mind seeing this call so thick, she stated that it would take more than an hour. And of course the mother comes to her rescue both to comb her hair and maybe to make her a braid to make the transport (let’s say so) more convenient. Also because, apparently, her hair is not even very smooth but is slightly frizzy, tending to blur.

So it is not even a hair so domable, as a hairdresser might say. Her hair is almost 170 cm long and is a real commitment. Nilanshi said she washes them once a week, obviously with the help of her mother and, even if she realizes that this long hair needs a care and must have special attention, she said she has no problem at all in fact; Nilanshi brings them with extreme pride!

Savjibhai Rathwa, the man with the longest hair

longest hair in the world

Among men, the record is firmly in the hands of Savjibhai Rathwa, who from India outperformed the competition with his 19.8 meter long Rasta hair. Not bad for this 60 year old Indian. This is the length of a 6-story building!

Benny Harlem: The tallest afro in the world

longest hair in the world

Last but not least, here is the eccentric Benny Harlem, an American model who holds the record for the highest afro, 52 centimeters long. His hair looks like a huge shaving brush, but Benny doesn’t seem to prevail, and indeed, along with his daughter, he’s become a very popular Instagram star, with tens of thousands of followers from all over the world.

Benny, with a difficult childhood, has had bad times in his life, becoming addicted to drugs and ending up overdosing several times. Today, thanks to his willpower he has decided to clean himself completely and to dedicate all his life to his family, his business as a model and obviously his very long hair.

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