Undercover and Concealment Women’s Shirts

Undercover and Concealment Women’s Shirts

When you are seeking the best concealed carry shirt, choose from several varieties that look fantastic, are functional and versatile, and are designed to correctly fit a woman’s body. Consider one in an attractive and form-fitting fabric that is long-lasting and lets you carry with style. You can go from workout to night out in these shirts. You will also feel confident and in control of any situation that arises.

You want to conceal your pistol while remaining comfortable and yet know that you have high-end concealment. The professionals and civilians throughout the world who appreciate these shirts include members of law enforcement and government agencies, FBI, Homeland Security, Secret Service, TSA, DEA, Concealed Carry Licensed Owners, business executives, travelers, and small business owners.

Below are some recommendations:

Women’s Red Concealed Carry Tank Top

This has two holsters with a retention strap that can securely carry any handgun. Ambidextrous under-armpit holster gives quick and easy access to the handgun. The MicroPoly/Spandex four-way stretch fabric makes it ideal to wear as an undergarment or a fashionable layering option without any compromise of concealment. Machine wash in cold water, do not use fabric softener, and tumble dry on low. Actually, air drying is the preferred method as it will extend the life of the garment.

Women’s Executive Concealed Carry Shirt

This features a concealed carry holster designed to conceal just about any self-defense handgun with right hand draw only. There is a security pocket with a zipper to carry credit cards, passport, cash, flash drives, mobile devices, etc.

Women’s Concealed Carry Compression Tank Top

Two easy-access holsters on each side for left-hand carry and right-hand carry of any one or two self-defense handguns. Allows immediate access when wearing T-shirts, button down shirts, pullovers, ot even while sitting. This Micro/Polyester machine-washable fabric blend is extremely comfortable to wear, conforms to any body type, and does not restrict movement. You have an option to also carry handcuffs, spare mags, a cell phone or an iPod.

Who Makes These?

Being the number one brand in the industry, UnderTech Undercover (UTUC) of San Diego, California, has a mission to produce the finest concealment clothing in the world. Founded in 2009 by Lenny Magill, a firearm concealed carry authority, Magill fulfilled the need for high-quality options that are produced with state-of-the art compression fabrics and superior hand-sewn craftsmanship. UnderTech Undercover products are sold online and are also carried at a number of fine retailers who specialize in the concealed carry industry.

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