Complete Review of Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine

Complete Review of Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine

The Kettler Favorit is a moderate range hydraulic rower machine manufactured by a company that has years of experience in the fitness sector. They are specialised in oblique trainers and indoor bikes mainly. This machine is very firm and durable and according to us it is suitable for the people who use it for shorter periods. This is because like other rowing machines, the resistance abruptly drops once the oil in the cylinders warm up. It generally takes 30 minutes for the resistance to come back once it is cooled down after a long time. This machine is very advanced as compared to others in this price category. The position of the rowing is quite comfortable but for the taller people it needs little adjustments. Kettler is the German company and it has the reputation of manufacturing some reliable and durable Rowing machines since 1994.

Features and Functionalities of Kettler Favorit Rowing machine

Here we will try to elaborate each and every feature of this rowing machine so that it becomes easy for you to make comparisons with other same range Rowing machines For Home.

  • The dimensions of this rowing machine are 49*31*10 inches and the weight of this machine is 52 lbs.
  • LCD comfort and high resolution LCD display makes it easy to track the workout.
  • For measuring pulse rate electronically, it has Infrared earlobe clip sensor.
  • Broad padded seat with preserved ball bearings to eradicate lubrication.
  • Polar T34 chest strap heart rate examiner that spreads wirelessly to the computer.
  • Footplates are biomechanically correct.
  • The powder coated carbon steel frame.
  • The workout data that is included in the LCD are distance, pulse rate, time, strokes, frequency and energy consumed.
  • Recovery feature is also included in this machine which provides track improvement of grading index 1 to 6.
  • Scan feature will help in rotating the workout information to the centre of the display.
  • This machine comes with 3 years of parts warranty and the frame comes with lifetime warranty against breakage.
  • The resistance is adjustable to 50 levels.
  • Great customer care support
  • Like rowing on a boat it has free motion arms also.
  • It is very strongly built machine.
  • Two hydraulic cylinders with continuous resistance.
  • Visual and audio signals with easy programmable features.
  • Help you to stay in shape and easy workout at home only.

The Good

  • The great warranty and German manufacturing makes it the first positive about this machine as it has the tendency of manufacturing very durable products with strong built.
  • The heart rate monitoring is one such feature that is not always included in this price ranged machines. So this is the biggest plus point of this machine to have pulse rate monitor.
  • Its lightweight, comfort ability and quietness are its biggest advantages among any other rowing machines. The padded seats are very comfortable while doing workouts.

The Bad

  • The assembling of this machine isn’t quite easy. Manufacturer says that it will take about half an hour for assembling this machine but in many cases it took approximately 3 hours also. The instruction manual is also explained in German language so it becomes difficult for the user to follow each and every step with ease.
  • The lack of height flexibility is something that is not liked much by the taller people because they find uncomfortable during workouts.
  • The hydraulic resistance is also considered to be negative for this machine because like other machines the resistance becomes less difficult with time. But one thing is appreciable that it has 50 adjustable resistance settings in it.

Final Verdict

The price of the machine is little on higher but is worth buying and is complete value for money and quality. The workout features are alone sufficient to make this machine a perfect one for doing workout at home. There are so many things for the people to make full use of this machine. And also the heart rate feature and other programmable features will help in easy tracking of the better workout. Lifetime warranty on frame and highly durable construction makes it perfect for any person willing to buy this rowing machine.



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