Learn the classic recipe of your favorite Purple Drank: Sizzurp

Learn the classic recipe of your favorite Purple Drank: Sizzurp

This most anticipated Purple Drank is kind of a recreational fun cocktail that mostly consumed by the teenager. It has also built a huge seductive appeal towards the young peoples. But to be honest, most of its popularity has come out with rap musician’s hands from the 90s and they deserve big thanks for their good work. Since the beginning, they have played a vital role in the promotional activities and so far they have done a tremendous job for boasting this glorious drink to the young communities. This Purple Drank has always been covering the media as a most anticipating glamorous drink. Take a look in the online, you will find hundreds of fun pages, attractive music videos, and many other active online forums in there that promotes this Purple Drank every moment.

A classic recipe of Purple Drank:

Here I will write down the ingredients that required making Purple Drank Sizzurp. In the later part, I will add some others ingredients to make the drink even more authentic.

  • One prescribed Cough syrup including Promethazine and Codeine (It is the key ingredient).
  • One Sprite (As it is originally used)
  • Take about 8 oz. of cough syrup in the glass. (You can use Styrofoam cup as they are mostly used).
  • Mix the syrup and Sprite together and mix them thoroughly until they mixed nicely. Now add one or two sweet candy (Jolly Rancher) into the drinks and mix it nicely until the drinks become purple color.

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You can add anything you want to make your drink even more attractive and seductive. Now lots of its consumers are using some sort of hard liquor along with this such as vodka, rum etc. Adding the hard liquor may differ; depend on how you want to compose your Purple Drank.

To have an authentic feeling and the desired purple color you must have to add some Jolly Rancher candy. It will also give your drink a perfect sweetened flavor. Your drink will have a most authentic Purple color.

Now, after all that, it is the time to sit back and enjoy your most beautiful Purple Drank.

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