Valentine surprise gift: How to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day

Valentine surprise gift

Valentine surprise gift: How to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day

On February 14 is the Day to celebrate love, Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day. When the date approaches, it is normal to ask yourself “what gift can I give my boyfriend or girlfriend on Valentine’s Day? If you want to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day and you want to be original and romantic, you will have to be willing to spend some time preparing the surprise … do you feel like it?

If so, we give you some Valentine surprise gift. Even those who wonder how to surprise their partner without money, also get great answers. Take note of our romantic proposals and learn how to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day. Which of these 15 ideas do you prefer?

How to surprise your partner with Valentine surprise gift

Valentine surprise gift

Don’t you know how to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend on Valentine’s Day to get out of the monotony? It is a tradition that on Valentine’s Day, the boyfriends and girlfriends exchange gifts or details that remind them of the love they feel for each other. However, finding the perfect gift and being original without spending a lot of money can be difficult. We propose some activities and some gifts that you will love:

10 reasons why I love you

Valentine’s Day’s original idea is to make a small notebook with colored cards where you put 10 reasons (or whatever you want) why you love that person. To give it a more romantic touch, you can intersperse the phrases with photos and/or memories of yours. You will love it!

The red rope

Give him different gifts or details and spread them around the house. Place a red rope (which you can buy at any haberdashery) and make a path that leads to all the gifts. It is an original idea to make a gymkhana that will make you excited and have fun in equal measure.

A romantic video

If you do not know how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day but you want to have a detail that he does not forget, we recommend that you prepare a romantic video in which you compile your photos with videos that you have recorded and with phrases of love that you like. Even those who are reluctant to celebrate Valentine’s Day can not resist this detail.

Letters for every moment

If you want to know how to surprise your partner without money, you must know this incredible detail. It consists of preparing a total of 7 letters (or whatever you want) in envelopes so that your partner can open when they need it most. Therefore, each letter should have a title such as “Open this letter when you are sad”, “Open this letter when you miss me”, and so on. Make a small letter for each occasion and give him the detail in a box.

The cabin of love

Of all the original ideas for Valentine’s Day, this is our favorite, because in addition to being original and romantic, it is the cheapest! Choose a place in the house where there is enough space and build a cabin. If you don’t want to buy it, you can create one out of pillows, sheets, and floor lamps. Add some lights and decorate the cabin with flower petals so that when your partner returns from work, they can relax in a romantic atmosphere. Don’t forget to pack a couple of glasses of wine!

How to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day without money

Who said that being romantic was at odds with having little money? We know that not everyone can spend a fortune preparing a surprise trip or a visit to a luxury spa. Therefore, below, we offer you some ideas that can inspire you if you do not know how to surprise your partner without money.

Also, if you want to know how to surprise your partner on the anniversary or how to surprise your partner on a day-to-day basis, these proposals will enchant you, as they are suitable for any time, although they can be very special on Valentine’s Day or on your anniversary.

Romantic breakfast in bed

Yes, we know that it is not the most original idea. However, we all like to be surprised in the morning with pastries, coffee and chocolate. If you want to start your Day on the right foot and not spend large amounts of money, this option cannot be missed.

Leave a letter in the mailbox

As original, as we want to be, there are romantic traditions that we still like. This is the case of love letters. Now, with the Internet and emails, it seems that everything stays online … but receiving a romantic letter on Valentine’s Day is a detail.

Message in public

If you wonder what to do for your girlfriend or how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day without spending a lot of money, we also recommend a nice public message. If he likes this type of demonstration of love (it is important that you are sure of it so as not to give him a hard time), take your partner for a walk on the beach and find a message in the sand. If you live in a place without a beach, you can choose to take a walk in the park or in the mountains and have left a previously written message somewhere.

Travel without leaving home

If you are a traveling couple, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day as if you were on one of your trips but … without leaving home! For example, if your partner’s dream trip is to go on safari to Africa, make Africa settle in your home. How? With African decorations, traditional music from the continent and a typical African menu.

Bath with foam

It is quite a topic of Valentine’s Day, but you will succeed for sure! To surprise your partner, you will have to prepare the bath romantically: put some candles to give a soft light, fill the bath with aromatic fragrances that invite relaxation, put on relaxing or romantic background music and prepare two glasses of wine and a container with strawberries to enhance eroticism. Unforgettable!

Surprise in bed

There is no better day than Valentine’s Day to prepare a romantic and passion-filled evening. As in the previous option, we recommend that you prepare the bedroom for a magical night; candles, music and massage oil cannot be missing … while you massage your partner, let the passion surround you and dare to add some spicy game to the mix.

In case you want to surprise your spouse or partner at dinner on this special Day, we recommend you take a look at these ideas for a romantic dinner at home. If you know that you will stay at home for sure, you may also be interested in this other post on How to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home.

How to surprise your partner in bed on Valentine’s Day

If you do not know how to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day, but you are clear that you want to make your evening more exciting, you cannot miss the following tips.

Board games for couples

Games like the now-famous Erotic Glop are perfect for a fun and exciting night. In each card of this game, you will find the spiciest challenges designed so that you end up without clothes. Something similar happens with strip poker, a variety of poker designed to raise the temperature of the room. In addition, you can add drinking to these games or play Spicy Drinking Games as a couple to celebrate this Day in a more fun way.

Sensual questions

Sassy questions or hot yes or no questions are perfect for foreplay. During the romantic dinner, or when you have already served the first drink, propose this game to your partner. The rules are easy: you have to be completely honest and honestly answer the questions the other person chooses.


Posing as someone with your partner can be the most exciting. And the fact is that there are many and many who choose to pose as strangers in a public place or recreate their fantasies in the privacy of their room. The best-known roleplayers (and those that never fail) are the classic teacher and student, masseurs or Fifty Shades of Gray.

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