How to make money while sleeping: 8 Amazing ways

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How to make money while sleeping: 8 Amazing ways

From creating webinars to online property rentals, from creating ebooks to peer-to-peer loans: here’s how to make money while you sleep.

We all thought at least once to stop working and living on income. Perhaps a (legal) solution to make money without effort exists, thanks to the Internet that – as usual – could offer the opportunity for interesting earnings by enhancing its digital skills. In the United States they call it passive income, in there is talk of indirect income and consists in being granted repeated monetary rights for a service made available to all – for payment – online. The possibilities? They are a lot. And so here are eight possible ways to make money while you sleep.

make money

1. Webinar

The webinar is the most widely used distance education tool in recent years. Live or recorded, it allows you to learn, learn or update when and where you want, essential for those who need to keep up with the latest innovations but don’t have time to attend conferences and seminars.

2. Ebook

Very popular thanks to Amazon, practical, cheap and easy to make for anyone. Just find a good topic, write 60-80 pages of content and create a nice cover. The most requested are those of education (educational ebooks or technical guides) but on the Net there are texts of all literary genres. The finished product can be sold on one of the many marketplaces like Amazon, Lulu or Kobo, the best alternative to Kindle.

3. Drop-shipping (Retail)

The widespread use of e-commerce can become an easy way to make money. If Amazon is the host, you can still find your own way. You need talent, a good marketing strategy (Facebook or Instagram is fine too) and subscribe to some dedicated portal like Shopify. The most enterprising can embark on the import of unknown products by buying in bulk on AliExpress and selling at retail.

4. Online courses

Online courses are another great revenue opportunity, with very little effort. The topics to be discussed are practically endless if you are able to teach something because you know the subject perfectly. You can sign up for Kajabi, Udemy or Teachable and promote your courses using tools such as ClickFunnels, a site that allows you to generate possible customers effectively and automatically.

make money

5. Blog

Among the opportunities for indirect income, the blog is perhaps, in perspective, the most profitable even if the most difficult to make it bear fruit. On a technical level, creating a blog is very simple but the market is saturated. Whoever manages to emerge can guarantee a direct profit through affiliations, advertising banners or the sale of ebooks. To succeed, it must be able to promote the contents of the blog and its landing pages in order to generate traffic and thus have more chances of success.

6. Traditional real estate rent

Real estate income is a method of making money that is historical but always profitable. Also in this the Network offers a help and thanks to specialized sites like Booking or Airbnb it is possible to earn by renting rooms and houses. By registering on the various sites it is only necessary to accept the conditions for the owners, take some nice pictures and here come reservations and earnings.

7. Peer to peer lending

Surely one of the most practical and convenient ways to generate a profit is a way of making credit on a network and on a large scale. By defining how much you are willing to invest, you could derive a great result. Sites like Prosper, Zopa and Lending Club help to invest judiciously by reducing risks to a minimum, through a series of algorithms that identify the most profitable investments. Obviously the greater the risk, the higher the gain.

8. Affiliate marketing

In the world of online marketing, affiliate marketing offers the opportunity for a quick and profitable profit with minimal time investments. The concept is to earn by posting links on commercial products on its websites or social media channels. If someone buys by clicking on it, the company pays a commission on the amount the buyer has spent. To start you need to find a market to turn to and have a small budget.

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