Can you imagine Christmas without red meat?

Christmas Recipe

Can you imagine Christmas without red meat?

Surely by now you all have more or less well-planned menus Christmas. Many of us like to innovate and get creative, but in the end often return to our usual favorite dishes. But after it was mounted with WHO warnings on meat products, how it has affected us ahead of the Christmas banquet? Few people are willing to give up their favorite products at parties but can you imagine a Christmas without red meat? Have you would be a great sacrifice or is not really a bad idea?

Christmas Recipe

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Of course, the meat is not the only star of the Christmas food, but you cannot deny that it plays an important role in many tables. The holidays are very long and it is customary to alternate with other fish menus where meat is the star dish, but also meat products are everywhere during Christmas almost without us noticing it, starting with the appetizers.

Beginning banquet

In our country we really like sausages and rarely miss when pecking or appetizers which start at any banquet deign to be. The Iberian ham is the star also at Christmas, but is often accompanied trays with other Iberian products, paired with cheeses.

I years since I tasted sausages and have come to realize how are almost essential in any occasion with guests, or the time to celebrate anything. Sorry for the hosts who take pride in their Iberian board, but surprisingly even dislike everyone. It is true that in general are almost certainly triumph and success, and it’s okay to enjoy them, the problem is with the innocent abuses.

Apart from the sausages is not uncommon to find more meat on canapés and tapas, or first courses and entrees. Carpaccio, tartare, croquettes, assorted skewers … sometimes it seems impossible to raise recipes that do not contain red meat or derivatives. Luckily also succeeds Christmas classic, seafood, and slows a little meat consumption.

Christmas classics

Christmas has always been a time to celebrate and this has been linked to the food. Depending on the economic situation and the purchasing power of families, menus could be more or less luxurious, but traditionally have reserved their best efforts to prepare a Christmas dinner or Christmas meal with which to enjoy the table.

The meat has always been an expensive and many times little product, that earned such importance bring to the table large pieces of animals who presided over the banquet. Each region has its preferences and traditions, but today you can mix a little. The most traditional has been opting for the popular roast, ideal for meats and bulky to feed many people.

It seems that birds such as turkey or chicken have always been more humble, while suckling pig, lamb or goat is associated with a more tasty and special food. Veal also makes an appearance as the classic round, roast beef or fillet steaks in sauce, nor can forget stews and soups incorporating various meats such as turkey or meat balls.

Red flesh, indispensable?

My mother told me once that if does not present a piglet when the whole family comes together at Christmas, the party may end in drama. Of course, she has to deal with diners who do not support any product that comes from the sea and others who strictly follow their traditions. Traditions and extreme tastes aside, is the essential flesh?

In my family, but for years we banish the great meat dishes during the holidays. It is true that now the children simply limit our meat consumption to the maximum throughout the year, so that we would not make an exception just because Christmas. But my mother realized that, considering all the excesses of the holidays, it was better to choose fish and vegetables for lighter-something digestion.

And even my father, who can wave a good plate of meat, laments the change in our menus. Thanks to not having to deal with a steak or lamb dish after the parade of appetizers and entrees, with dessert and sweets still threatening in the rear. No, it is not essential red meat at Christmas, and if offer is inevitable a meat dish at parties, remember that birds are much lighter.

A little reflection

When meat and sweets were scarce, it was logical for these products to really special occasions. Of course it’s okay to enjoy a good pork or lamb roast at Christmas if they are dishes that passionate about – that’s what the holidays, the end of the day – but it is worth thinking a bit about the gastronomic pleasures parties.

The alarm that was created last week with the release of the WHO already been diluted and few remember it, but if the message is softened, what is clear is that we eat a lot of meat. Too, especially red meat as much processed meat. The recommendations do not tire of repeating experts and authorities aim to take a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, vegetable protein and prioritizing fish and egg in animals.

If we eat all year excess red meat, turning toward her at Christmas “because” it does not seem very logical. I do not want to deprive anyone of their favorite holiday dishes, but they point to that are not critical, there are many alternatives and you can enjoy a delicious feasts and gargantuan without having to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh just because it touches. Or we could consider as a New Year’s resolution to reduce its consumption over the coming months and give us a great treat in the coming holidays.

In my environment I have a habit of taking stock of menus that will be served at Christmas throughout the country. I find everything from families that prefer seafood to others in which it is inconceivable not to have a good roast meat on the table. But I think it does not hurt to take advantage of all the talk that has arisen around their consumption to raise the question that heads this post: can you imagine a Christmas without red meat? Do you have a meat dish essential in your party?

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