Bored Online? Here Are Some Ways To Pass The Time

Bored Online? Here Are Some Ways To Pass The Time

It seems crazy to think that anyone could possibly be bored when they are on the internet but the truth is that I have found myself in that position far more times than I care to imagine. The internet has the capabilities to do incredible things and yet there I am, scrolling through my social media and watching animal fights on YouTube.

I made a decision a few months ago that I was going to try and find more exciting things to do with my time online and here are a few of the ways which I have adopted, if you find yourself bored online, try these out.

Flip The Camera

Instead of watching YouTube videos, why not star in them? It is so easy to create a YouTube channel, you can use your phone to shoot a funny video and upload it straight away. Once the video is up share it on social media and who knows, you might become a star. Some people get crazy views on YouTube, I was watching a video by the pastor and prophet TB Joshua recently, his channel has amassed over 700 million views!! You may not hit those dizzying heights but it does highlight the potential for popularity.

Play Retro Games

I was a 90s kid and I absolutely love the Sega Megadrive and the Super Nintendo games, I used to spend hours button bashing to my heart’s content. If you love these retro games too then you can find a lot of them online. Smart people have created things called emulators which allow you to play the retro games that we know and love so well. The games are exactly the same as they were back then and just as addictive as they were back then too!

Learn Something New

You can learn pretty much anything you want to online, there are guides to learning just about any hobby that you can think of, it is the World’s biggest library and the truth is that if there is anything that you want to learn about, type it into a search engine and you have it all in front of you. Whether you want to learn about Ancient Egypt, how to play the guitar, how to knit, what the industrial revolution was or what is the lifecycle of a toad, you can find articles and video guides with ease online that will teach you exactly what you want to know.

Start a Blog

Why not express your creative side online and start your very own blog. You can choose whatever topic that you want and then start writing about it and posting videos and photos, to gain some traffic you can start sharing your blog on social media and encourage people to share your site. Blogging could gain you popularity and even some money but even if it doesn’t, you will have a great deal of fun getting creative with your very own website.

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