Daily Good Habits! 100 good habits to change your lifestyle!

Daily Good Habits

Daily Good Habits! 100 good habits to change your lifestyle!

Today I have a list of 100 daily good habits to revolutionize your days with healthy and positive ways.

“All very nice, huh. What you offer us are certainly interesting strategies, but unfortunately, for me they are useless: I have no goal. “

I have by now lost count of the times when I read this sentence (or its variants) in the comments of my readers.

Reading it makes me feel a mix of sadness and anger …

  • Sadness: Because the absence of goals implies the lack of any direction in the existence of these people and a dangerous tendency to nihilism.
  • Anger: Because I fear that these people (often young) have already decided to give up in life, giving up the possibility of discovering each day what their real potential is, how far they can go with mind, body and spirit, and what they can achieve extraordinary if only they decided to concentrate all their energies on a first cursed goal.

I wish I could grab these disillusioned readers and shake them from their self-inflicted spell … but in order to avoid some complaints, I just share with them a piece of advice that has proven to be fundamental in my own path of personal growth.

Give that first push to the snowflake

If like those readers, you too have difficulty finding a direction in your life, start by giving yourself a goal, any goal, something you would like to achieve, a good habit that you would like to train.

It does not matter. The first thing that comes to mind is fine, but dedicate your body and soul.

By doing so you will give the first push to the “snowflake”, triggering a virtuous circle.

Once you discover that you can achieve what you want, because you have decided it, you will start enjoying it.

Not only.

You will also want to better explore what your real desires are, what you want to be and become in life.

So let’s give this first push to the snowflake!

In this article, I have listed 100 daily good habits for you to start your new life in a positive way.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to set them all or all together!

Remember: choose a first goal, any one, the one that will have inspired you most at the end of this article and focus 100% on adopting this new behavior in your life.

As you adopt new healthy and positive habits, as you reach your first goals, one after the other, you will start to connect the dots and the direction you want to go in your life will become increasingly clear.

Are you ready?

So let’s take this first step towards your new life with daily good habits …

100 daily good habits to turn your life around

Read this list straight away and mark the good habits that will strike you the most, those that will make you feel a jolt inside, that will make you think “well, this thing I really want to do!”.

If you then want to deepen the individual habits … Let’s start!

10 daily good habits for your body

  1. Get up and move for at least 1 minute every hour (especially if you study or do a sedentary job).
  2. Bring your heart rate between 50% and 70% of your maximum heart rate for 30 minutes a day.
  3. Take 5 minutes every morning to exercise to improve your flexibility.
  4. Leave your car in the parking lot farthest from the entrance to your office or shop.
  5. Take 10,000 steps a day.
  6. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  7. Eat a portion of extra fruit and vegetables a day, drinking a morning smoothie.
  8. Drink the famous 8 glasses of water a day!
  9. Replace one of your daily coffees with a cup of green tea.
  10. Replace food crap with a healthier choice.

10 daily good habits for your mind

  1. Read at least 2 pages of a personal growth manual every morning (hey, nobody is forbidding you from reading good fiction in addition, I love it: but these two pages have a different function …).
  2. Take 5 minutes every morning to imagine how the person you intend to become would live the day.
  3. View the path to your most ambitious goals every day.
  4. Practice positive thinking daily.
  5. Train your brain every day by solving sudoku puzzles, crosswords and other mental games.
  6. Exercise your memory with the dictionary technique.
  7. Learn a new word from a foreign language every day.
  8. Listen to podcasts and audiobooks.
  9. In moments of transition (when you are on the vehicles, while you walk, while you train , etc.) instead of using your smartphone absently, try to think deeply to find the solution to your problem or challenge .
  10. Use the trouble tree every night to get rid of your worries.

10 daily good habits for your well-being

  1. Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day.
  2. Write down 3 things that happened during the day that you feel grateful for.
  3. Take a random act of kindness every day.
  4. Spend at least an hour a week on a volunteer activity.
  5. Keep an effective journal.
  6. Immerse yourself in nature at least once a week.
  7. Dedicate 30 minutes to an activity with no specific purpose, which will make you feel good.
  8. Take care of an animal.
  9. Practice 4-stage breathing daily.
  10. Put your problems in the right perspective.

10 daily good habits for your productivity

  1. Use your smartphone for less than 60 minutes a day.
  2. Every Sunday make a rough plan of activities for the following week.
  3. Every evening make a detailed plan of the activities of the next day.
  4. Apply the tomato technique.
  5. Complete the most important, urgent and difficult activities always first.
  6. Never check social accounts or just wake up email.
  7. Use the Navy Seal alarm clock.
  8. Apply the one-touch rule.
  9. Use your smartphone in black and white mode.
  10. Practice batching: do similar activities all at the same time of the day or week.

10 daily good habits for your wallet

  1. Automatically save at least 10% of your salary.
  2. Make a spending budget each month (and stick to it).
  3. Always postpone impulse purchases for 7 days.
  4. Delegate or ignore any activity that costs less than your ambitious hourly rate.
  5. Invest 15% of your salary every month in your personal training.
  6. Record all your income and all your expenses.
  7. Keep a diary of your financial decisions.
  8. Pay in cash whenever possible.
  9. Work at least 30 minutes a day on a project that can generate an alternative source of income.
  10. Read an article about money management every week.

10 daily good habits for your relationships

  1. Practice radical honesty daily: in other words, never lie, even for the sake of good.
  2. Keep negative things for yourself and share positive ones.
  3. Make at least a small “deposit” to your trust account every day.
  4. Smile when you meet other people’s gaze.
  5. Commit to remember the name of each new person you know.
  6. Make everyone you meet appreciated and learn to use multiple phrases such as: “excuse the trouble”, “would like to be so kind …”, etc.
  7. Create a spark of romance every day in your love relationship.
  8. Organize at least one weekly appointment with your partner.
  9. Listen regularly to your friends, especially distant ones.
  10. Always follow up after a meeting. Develop the habit of sending a short thank you message after a business or business meeting (in reality it doesn’t hurt to do it also for friendship relationships).

10 daily good habits for your career

  1. Think of at least 1 thing every day that can increase revenues, decrease costs or make your boss’s life easier; then discuss with those in charge and take responsibility for implementing it if necessary.
  2. Take stock of the situation on your career path every month, clearly define where you want to go and talk about it whenever you have the opportunity with those who make decisions in your company. To get anything, you must first learn to ask.
  3. You constantly network internally (with your colleagues, with your superiors, with colleagues from other offices) and external (with contacts from other companies in your sector or from another sector in which you would like to work).
  4. Ask regularly for feedback on your work and implement all the necessary improvements.
  5. Do at least 15 minutes of personal and professional training every holy day.
  6. Read 1 article per day related to the evolutions of your professional sector.
  7. Always keep your CV up to date and if you don’t have new experiences with which to update it every 12-18 months, ask yourself what’s not working in your career.
  8. Learn to negotiate: whether it’s for an increase, for the annual bonus or for a benefit, always negotiate.
  9. Don’t go overboard with the promises you make to your boss or your customers, but constantly exceed their expectations.
  10. Practice your assertiveness every day.

10 daily good habits for your self-esteem

  1. Face something that scares you every day (just a little fear: you don’t need to jump from a plane without a parachute).
  2. Apply the “as if” technique daily.
  3. Make the bed every morning. Starting the day with control over a small area of your life will help you face the rest of the daily challenges with the right attitude.
  4. Speak slower.
  5. Help someone who needs it, even a stranger. It will make you feel good and give you more self-confidence.
  6. Set yourself daily goals that push you around the perimeter of your skills (and respect them).
  7. Keep the promises you make to yourself and others.
  8. Keep your shoulders straight and generally take one of the power poses suggested by Amy Cuddy.
  9. Take care of your appearance.
  10. Read story at least once a month.

20 daily good personal growth

  1. Always arrive 5 minutes early for appointments.
  2. Prioritize the quantity and quality of your sleep.
  3. Go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. Because remember: an hour in the evening does not have the same quality as an hour in the morning.
  4. Get rid of an object that you don’t use regularly and that doesn’t inspire joy in your life every day (this is a good habit to get closer to minimalism).
  5. Brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes a day, 3 times a day (and use dental floss!).
  6. Every hour look at a point in the distance for at least 10 seconds (especially if you work all day in front of a screen).
  7. Wash your hands every time you go to the bathroom, touch the raw meat, sneeze or go home .
  8. Stop eating your nails.
  9. Learn to be more orderly by “finding a place for anything and putting everything back in place” (after using it).
  10. Don’t miss an opportunity to use the 3 magic expressions: “thank you”, “please”, “please”.
  11. Stop whining: every time you are about to complain about something, try instead to reflect on the solution to that same problem.
  12. Do not criticize and do not judge (neither yourself, nor others).
  13. Stop watching the news.
  14. Sign up for a course to learn a new skill.
  15. Attend a cultural event organized in your city at least once a month.
  16. Complete something imperfect every day: better an imperfect draft, of a perfect white sheet.
  17. Identify your key personal values and live every day in line with these values.
  18. Create your own “vision board” and find inspiration and enthusiasm by fixing it every morning.
  19. Do your best every day with what you have at that moment in terms of time, energy and other resources.
  20. Avoid the zero days.

Well, I hope that at least one of these 100 daily good habits has inspired you.

If you want to know how to form these habits and you want to find out which of these 100 daily good habits (and in general of all the habits you can change in your life) is the most important one for you to start FOR YOU, read on …

To establish new good habits and abandon bad habits it is certainly important to know the “mechanics of habits” (the signals, the gratifications, the external environment and beautiful company), but if we continue to ignore the “emotional component” that governs our decisions, we will never be able to continue these new behaviors constantly.

I bet you too have come up against the “wall of your emotions” every time you have decided to change something in your life, fire?!

Fortunately there is a solution, a method for forming new habits that, in addition to taking advantage of the most innovative and effective techniques relating to the “mechanical” part, also takes care of the “emotional” part of our habits and does it by working at a deeper level and making change … inevitable.


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