Easy use of three essential oils for a more beautiful facial skin

beautiful facial skin

Easy use of three essential oils for a more beautiful facial skin

This is a post that contains simple directions, things you can do even at home to get a more beautiful facial skin. These are suggestions that I take from my practice in the studio, I make super easy to adopt them to your home routine.

To obtain a more beautiful skin it would be necessary to start from the inside, because the beauty of the skin is closely linked to the correct functioning of our body and in particular of the two liver and intestine filter organs but also to the balance of the hormonal axis and the inflammation level of the body. But I’ll talk about this in another post.

However, there are ways to act from outside and make the skin of the face more beautiful: one of these is the use of the right essential oils.

Here is what essential oils to use and how to do it to make your face skin more beautiful …

Make the skin of the mixed, impure, acne-prone face more beautiful

A good oe to always keep at hand is the tea tree oe because it helps you fight pimples & co. How to use it? If you have a red pimple, or undercoat and annoying, you can put a drop or two of tea tree on a cotton bud and make some “touches”. Bear the side soaked in the cotton bud in contact with the impurity. If instead the area affected by pimples is more extensive, put 4 drops of tea tree in an aloe vera gel coffee spoon and spread the mixture on the skin, letting it absorb. If you do not have particularly sensitive skin, you can also use a drop of pure tea tree and spread it on the affected area.

beautiful facial skin

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This type of treatment should be done on the clean face, twice a day, ideally in the morning and in the evening. The skin should be dried before going on to makeup.

If you choose the touches with cotton buds, you can repeat them during the day even if you put on makeup (provided that you have not used a foundation like “cerone” theater!).

PRO: Remove redness, inflammation, swelling. Limit the bacterial charge of the pimple (or tea tree is sanitizing) and the skin will gradually normalize.

AGAINST: The smell. Tea tree has an intense smell that either you love or hate. In any case, especially if you make the touches, the smell vanishes in a few minutes.

Make the skin of your face more beautiful with signs of aging or small scars (even from acne)

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The essential oil that helps you to make the skin marked by time or acne (or scars) more beautiful is the oe of incense.

Its use is very simple; you can add a drop to the cream that you normally use for the face. Do not add oe. directly into the jar but take the portion of cream you need (with a wooden spatula or a coffee spoon) and add a drop or two of essential oil

This essential oil is an excellent cicatrizing, stimulates epithelial reconstruction. Prevents the signs of aging, slows the formation of wrinkles, reduces scarring (and used on the body reduces stretch marks), restores tone and elasticity. Useful for eliminating stains and hardeners.

Warning: Do not use during pregnancy

beautiful facial skin

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For sensitive skin and to make any skin shine

If you have particularly sensitive skin or you want to make your skin shine even more, you can use oe. of rose.

This oe is excellent on all skin types, moisturizes dry skin, balances the mixed skin and purifies the oily skin. Normalizes the most sensitive and reactive skin. It has anti-wrinkle properties and protects small capillaries. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Attention: It is one of the most precious and counterfeited oils. It costs a lot. Therefore, if you find a rose oe that is not very wary of its use on the skin, it may contain irritants.

To avoid the price problem, however, you can look for cosmetics that contain it or resort to an alternative: you can buy the oil (not essential oil) of Rosa Mosqueta obtained by squeezing the seeds contained in the berries. You will not have exactly all the super effects of the essential oil but you will get close to it.

This oil can be used directly on the skin, in small quantities, once a day on well-cleaned skin.

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