How to do a spa pedicure at home?

spa pedicure at home

How to do a spa pedicure at home?

It is very easy to do a spa at home. Pampering your feet with a professional pedicure can be very relaxing, but if you want consistently well-groomed feet, you can achieve the same result in your home spa! We suggest visiting laser hair removal in Manhattan.

How to do a spa pedicure at home?

We will give you effective tips so that you can keep your feet soft and well cared for yourself.

1. Starting the pedicure

Get a tub of warm water, a towel, and the necessary utensils; don’t forget the pumice stone, pliers, cuticle scissors and a file in good condition.

Choose the shade of nail polish that you are going to use, and have some cotton nearby. Try to have everything on hand, so you don’t have to run to get it in the middle of the pedicure.

Put all the pedicure utensils in a basket or container to make things easier for yourself.

2. Remove the old nail polish

It is advisable to use a polish remover that does not contain acetone, as this substance could dry out your toenails and cause them to crack or hurt at the edges.

3. Get your feet wet

Soak your feet for about fifteen minutes in warm water with a special pedicure product, or add some scented oil to the water. In addition to relaxing, it will soften your feet to facilitate the removal of dry and dead skin. Visit the wax centers in midtown Manhattan to get the best care for waxing.

4. Dry them very well

Do not forget to dry well between the toes, as it is a very susceptible point for the development of bacteria and the accumulation of dirt. Dry your feet very well and run the corner of the towel between your toes.

7. Moisturize your feet

After so much work, it’s time to pamper your feet. Apply a special moisturizing product for feet so that they feel soft and smooth. The intensive action of the moisturizing cream for dry feet is ideal for this purpose.

Take the time to massage your feet while you apply the cream. In addition to being very relaxing, it will stimulate circulation and help the cream penetrate well into the skin.

8. It’s time to take care of the nails

First, make sure to remove the cream residue on the nails with an acetone-free polish remover. Nails must be perfectly dry and free of cream residue before applying the first coat of polish.

To avoid nail polish stains, put on a pair of foamy nail separators.

First, put a coat of clear nail polish as a base. This will help prevent nails from discoloring easily.

From time to time, let your nails rest from always being painted, as the constant color can cause them to discolor, especially when using dark polishes.

9. Color your nails

Let the clear base dry for about ten minutes and then apply the color that you like best. A good way to apply color is to place three polish lines, one in the center and the other two on the sides.

After ten minutes, apply a second coat, and finally, after another ten minutes, apply a third and final coat. Let your nails dry for at least an hour. Wear open flip-flops, so you don’t ruin the nail polish.

10. Maintain your manicure

You finished! Your feet will thank you. And with a little care, you can make your pedicure last a long time. To prevent nails from chipping, apply a coat of polish twice a week.

Remember to file the calloused skin in the shower every other day, and do not forget to apply a special moisturizing cream for feet daily, such as Band-Aids Moisturizing Cream for Dry Feet. This will help prevent calloused skin from re-forming.

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