How to relax before bed? Tricks to fall asleep quickly

relax before bed

How to relax before bed? Tricks to fall asleep quickly

If you have trouble falling asleep because you are overwhelmed by thoughts and stress, in this article you can find out how to relax before bed and the best tips and tricks to fall asleep quickly.

Insomnia, in fact, is a tragedy for many … although many of the sleepless now shrug their shoulders with an indifferent air to those who ask how they do to get ahead, in reality the night they would like to sleep. Everything is about how to relax before sleep, which is the propitiatory part, without that you find yourself wide-eyed, staring into the darkness and thinking about others sleeping.

Has it ever happened to you? Maybe it was a bad day: stress at work, traffic, bills to pay, quarrel with someone and then you get so tired / angry / frustrated in the evening that you just cannot sleep.

The tension pushes you to turn around from one side of the other, go to the bathroom, drink water, and stay a bit with eyes closed but no sleep. This fact is undoubtedly due to the accumulation of thoughts that are still crowding your mind and that prevent you from relaxing.

How to relax before bed?

relax before bed

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Let’s see what are the tricks to fall asleep quickly …

1. The Tibetan exercise

Tibetan monks adopt a very special relaxation system. Close your eyes and imagine that your mind is a big white sheet, every time a thought arrives you have to print it as an image on the big white sheet, so you have to visualize a big sword that cuts the white sheet in half dividing it into two pieces. So review the white paper, if you think of another thought in mind the same thing. For this exercise, it takes a lot of practice to start thinking without realizing it, but with practice, you can fix and “break” every single thought until you stop thinking and fall asleep.

2. Breathing

It is a fundamental exercise, even if at most it will appear a natural thing. If breathing is well practiced it is a good help to be able to relax. You have to concentrate on the air, breathe in, the air enters your nose and is a pleasant and relaxing color. The air inflates the lungs in each of its spaces, filling them with color, holding a second and then letting it out slowly, slowly, like a balloon deflating. Now the relaxing color comes out of you and spreads into the room.

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3. Display

It’s another interesting aspect of the techniques for “How to relax before bed”. Also here we start with breathing. From the nose calmly, feeling the air that enters, then the air passes to the belly, inflates it, holds it and then swells slowly, feeling all the air coming out of the mouth. You concentrate at least 4 times on this exercise. So start to see a quiet place where you would like to be (beach, mountain, meadow, etc.), a natural, silent place. This place is three-dimensional and you really find yourself there: you feel the sand or the grass under your feet, the sound of water or wind and you feel them on your skin, or you watch the sunset, the stars, walk or you are distracted. be as real as possible and continue to breathe at the same time until you feel completely relaxed and start sleeping.

4. Physical exercise

Not valid for everyone, if you’re already very tired is not the case. On the other hand, if you feel active and energetic and feel that you cannot close your eyes, take a walk or maybe some jogging. Preferably in a park, maybe with your dog. Avoid chatting and being accompanied does not help you to prepare for relaxation because thoughts and ideas will increase.

5. Slow down the routine

If you’re having trouble relaxing before you sleep, maybe you’re having too much time and it’s time to take a break. Certain to create a quiet and relaxing routine, just for you before going to bed: warm bath with essential oils, massage to the head and shoulders, keep the legs up to rest and deflate them (in many cases the pains in the legs are one of the reasons why you cannot relax, and still dedicated to your face doing a homemade facial cleansing, at your hands and your feet. Listen to relaxing, Ayurvedic music or nature sounds (it sets you up for viewing) or maybe Chopin’s night spots. So take a walk in the garden, or sit in the balcony watching the stars, practice breathing techniques or do yoga or even better tai chi chuan.

Warning: If you decide to drink a relaxing drink, drink it about two hours before going to sleep or it will not help you relax.

Tips to fall asleep faster

relax before bed

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Some advice to fall asleep quickly : just lie down when you’re really tired and you close your eyes, do not fall asleep in an armchair or sofa because then you have to wake up to go to sleep. Better to go straight to bed when the head starts to dangle. Try to sleep in a comfortable position and if you are snoring or having problems breathing, consult an expert because these problems very often make sleep difficult. If you want to read before bed, for many people it is an excellent remedy to relax before bed.

If none of this works, try melatonin or valerian. In any case, during the day avoid stimulating drinks, if you can take some nap to break the tiredness and get to bed too tired to sleep.

In the bedroom, there should be no technological gadgets, at best relaxing music and the radio if the speaker’s voice helps you to sleep, dim lights, temperature and pleasant smell. Moreover, it is in the rules of good sleep: no phone, no PC, no bright lights, no heat and no TV.

Also avoid eating in the room or studying or working on it otherwise you will always be connected to these thoughts, but you need to break away to be able to relax, this is one of the tricks to fall asleep quickly.

If you really cannot sleep, do not stay in bed. Get up and do something boring, or rub the floor with a brush, detergent and bucket of water, an activity as boring as tiring, or take a hot shower or read a few pages of a book to relax.

If insomnia gets worse, it is good to consult your doctor and find a suitable solution.

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