Practice sport on holiday: This is what you can not miss in your suitcase

Practice sport on holiday

Practice sport on holiday: This is what you can not miss in your suitcase

We have already spoken on previous occasions that the holidays are the perfect time to continue training and playing sports moment, even outside our house or our usual gym. The truth is that we do not need much to get fit anywhere and the most important thing is the desire and attitude, but there are certain things we cannot fail in our suitcase summer fitness.

So that we do not forget anything, we have prepared a checklist with which you can check if you bring everything, you need to have a vacation the most athletic and healthy, save some room in your suitcase!

TRX to train anywhere

I accompanies every summer if I go to the beach, and that the sea is the perfect place to train with the TRX or suspension training system. With these two straps made of sanity we have a complete gym that can take you anywhere because it weighs and just takes up space in our suitcase.

With the help of TRX we can work all major muscle groups, either using it as an aid and facilitating exercises or raising the level and complication a little more. It’s simple to use and can perform many exercises as we let our imagination. Very useful for practicing power circuits on and off!

Practice sport on holiday

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Elastic bands that do not occupy space

Another star recommendations for training in summer are the elastic bands: once bent not take anything, and we can find them with varying degrees of resistance to different exercises.

They can help us to improve our strength training, but can also be helpful when to stretch. The elastic bands are very versatile if we use them and we can save the training these days do not have access to the gym.

Running shoes to keep adding kilometers

Make a hole for running shoes in your suitcase! Sure you want to keep your aerobic level during vacation days, and run along the promenade to the sea is one of the best activities you can do while you get brown and enjoy the sea breeze.

Remember that running it is best to take your specific running shoes (and not wearing any footwear) to avoid pain, blisters and others, especially at this time of year when the heat causes havoc.

At least one set of sportswear

The easiest way to spend the holidays roll the paunch and without leaving sportswear is not put in the suitcase. At least gets a leotard and a sports bra, it would be necessary to do some sport while you’re away from home.

If you go to train on the beach my recommendation is that you do with sportswear and not the bikini (great temptation, on the other hand, because you end and you throw water directly). Generally, tops bikinis do not offer much fastening and can be annoying while you train (or have an oversight and an end seeing what not to display). Personally, low top sneakers and shorts and bikini take me to change the end (ride a ‘pseudo- tester “with the help of a friend, and arranged. No drama).

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Scarves or hats for sun protection

If you train outdoors you need to protect your head from sunlight, so do not forget a hat or scarf as “functional complement”. If you go to train when it is very hot (better if we can do it during the coolest part of the day) it is not a bad idea getting a little wet handkerchief and water on the head.

Remember also protect your eyes with sunglasses, hopefully specific use sports: they are light, flexible and resistant if they end on the floor to do some exercise.

What cannot miss in your travel kit?

I am one who took me an extra-large vanity case because in the end always full of things. Which you cannot miss us is the sunscreen or oil with adequate protection to our tone (the higher the better) skin and after-sun moisturizer or oil to repair the skin after training.

We’ve talked before blisters or chafing that can cause us sports shoes in the summer months: it is not a bad idea to bring in our necessary some patches or anti-friction if we do us harm stick.

With all this in your suitcase, you augur a holiday full of sport and entertainment. A good opportunity to encourage your friends, your partner or your family to play sports with you, Stay active on vacation!

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