Samsung changes court and presents its experimental projects of beauty and skin care


Samsung changes court and presents its experimental projects of beauty and skin care

A Samsung has worked very well launching its C-Lab, which is his laboratory experiments where there are no limits and allow company employees to make bold bets. For a year now we have seen how these experiments have caught the attention of users, in addition to positioning the company within the field of innovation.

The interesting thing about these projects is that they do not stay on paper, but have shown prototypes inside technology fairs, which makes them gain some credibility. Today Samsung is announcing three new products, which again out of what the company is accustomed to do, since we now have an interactive toy and two beauty products.


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Remember that these projects are just experiments and no plans to see the light, however, Samsung gives you the option to its creators seeking funding outside, thus creating a kind of company spin-off This has been the case “smart belt” Welt, which has been the only product that has left the laboratory to try your luck at Kickstarter.

Now with the CES 2017 to fly the corner, Samsung brings us three new options that will officially present at the fair in Las Vegas.

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Tag +

The first is Tag +, a button that toys compatible connects via Bluetooth, where thanks to an application makes toys react and interact intuitively with children.

The button can be pressed, obviously, left pressed, shaken, or hit with another Tag +, where each action corresponds to a function that will give us access to new experiences, even opens the possibility of having a kind of social network for the child to know To other people with the same toy.

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Lumini is a device equipped with cameras and special lights used to determine the health of the skin , this in order to detect possible problems and thus have appropriate treatment. According to Samsung, this device has special algorithms that allow you to analyze the skin and send the information to our smartphone.

Among the conditions that Lumini is able to detect are freckles, pimples, excess fat, open pores, wrinkles, irritation, and many more. By detecting skin conditions, the mobile application would be able to make drug recommendations or link with dermatologists or other specialists to follow up the treatment.


But that is certainly the strangest project is S-Skin, which is quite a treatment for skin care. This includes a portable device able to analyze and care for the skin, as well as micro needle patches that work together, which seeks to reduce the costs of dating with professional dermatologists.

The central part of S-Skin are the patches, since in addition to the micro needle, they have LED lights, wireless connectivity, and react to the treatment that has been chosen. And yes, as we have seen in past projects, it also connects to our smartphone through a mobile app to follow up and have a record of the treatment.

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