How to whiten teeth with activated charcoal at home applications

whiten teeth with activated charcoal

How to whiten teeth with activated charcoal at home applications

Surprisingly, an amazing effect can be achieved, with little or no special effort, as mentioned by Kumra Orthodontics.

For example, you can simply brush your teeth 2 times a day, as you did before, just adding a little powder from the coal tablets into the paste. In general, there are several common and proven options for using activated charcoal for teeth whitening, which you will now learn.

They do not differ in their effectiveness. Simply, everyone can choose for themselves the most convenient and acceptable option. So, let’s see …

whiten teeth with activated charcoal

Toothpaste and activated charcoal

Add coal to the paste that you use every day. You can apply this remedy every day, to achieve a positive effect as quickly as possible. But, if you use it in a sparing for teeth mode, so as not to cause tooth enamel absolutely no harm, it is better to get benefits of brushing teeth with charcoal with it every other day.

Preparation. Prepare a bleaching agent based on coal and paste as follows: one package of tablets (10 pieces), grind in a convenient and affordable way to a powdery state, squeeze a tube of paste (75 milliliters) into a small clean jar, mix the powder obtained from the coal with the paste.

Teeth cleaning and storage. Store under normal conditions in the bathroom. To use such a tool, it is enough just to take the necessary amount on the toothbrush and, as usual, brush your teeth.

But, this procedure should last at least 4-5 minutes, after which the oral cavity should be rinsed with warm water. During all this time, it is not necessary to intensively process the teeth with a brush, but the contact of the means with them is simply necessary.

If at the stage of active work of the brush, fine abrasive particles are used, mechanically removing contamination from the teeth, then in the second stage the absorptive abilities of the coal are included.

The course of bleaching. Approximate course – 10 days with daily cleaning (2 times a day), and about 3 weeks with cleaning every other day (2 times a day on the day of use). Keep reading

Activated charcoal powder for cleaning teeth

Coal powder – a great alternative to the usual: dental. The point is that coal cannot be added to the paste, but it can be used as a powder, as a completely independent tool.

Preparation. To make the powder, take the required number of tablets (15-20 or more), chop them as much as possible. It is desirable that large abrasive particles do not remain, because they can scratch the enamel and irritate the gums.

The best way is to grind the activated charcoal pills with a blender. Or grind using two spoons, stretch the tablets.

Application. You can use the powder every day, but not more than once a day. Approximate course – 2 weeks.

To perform the procedure correctly, you need to take your toothbrush, moisten it with water, dab in powder and brush their teeth, without applying much strength to it. When cleaning, try to avoid contact of the powder with the gums, so as not to damage their delicate and sensitive mucosa. After the procedure, thoroughly rinse your mouth with warm clean water.

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