Workout at home: Get fit with a towel!

Workout at home

Workout at home: Get fit with a towel!

More toned and streamlined in 7 exercises. Thanks to a simple bath towel, which ensures an effective and complete workout at home.

You can workout at home or in a hotel room without needing tools. Yes, because even a simple towel can guarantee an intense and effective workout at home. How do you demonstrate with these 7 exercises developed with the advice from experienced trainers?

You just need to hold and stretch a bath towel to workout at the same time, and with excellent results, arms, shoulders and large dorsal (the upper back).

It is the “help” that tones

The secret? The fact that the cloth becomes a sort of “rope” with multiple functions and that, in addition to stressing the arms with traction, helps you to maintain a correct posture of the back when working with the abs. Repeat this program a couple of times a week: in short you will notice that your waistline will be more defined, the shoulders stronger, the back more flexible, the legs and the most toned buttocks. And all with a simple towel!

1. Lunge with arms outstretched

Workout at home

Standing, arms outstretched along the sides, holding the rolled up towel at the ends, holding it taut. So take a big step forward with your left leg, bending your knees in the lunge (the right heel is off the ground), while lifting the towel over the head, so you also workout the shoulders and back. Stabilizes the balance by contracting the thighs, buttocks and abdomen; then slowly turn the torso to the left, involving the oblique abdominals. Go back to the center, lower your arms and gather your legs together. Repeat immediately on the other side. Run 8-10 times for 2-3 sets.

It reshapes legs and buttocks, defines the waist and reinforces the shoulders, arms and back.

2. Crunch with team legs

Workout at home

Lying on your back, hold one end of the towel rolled up between your feet and lift your legs together. After having grabbed the other end, climb up this “rope” moving the hands in progression upwards. So, press your abs to lift yourself up with your torso to get as close as possible to your feet. Then he returns his shoulders to the ground, retracing the “rope” backwards. Repeat 8-10 times for 2 sets. Once trained try to remain 10 “in the position of maximum contraction.

In addition to the abdominals, this exercise also stimulates the muscles of the shoulders and arms, while the inner thigh is activated to retain the cloth.

3. Variant of the “boat”

Workout at home

Sitting on the ground, upright torso, legs bent and a little apart, feet resting. Pass the rolled towel behind the knees, grab the ends and stretch it. Now, with a combined movement, flex your arms to bring your hands close to your shoulders and lift your feet as far as you can. The knees approach the chest. Contract your abs to stabilize your balance and not collapse with your back; then return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 8 times for 2-3 sets.

In addition to the muscles of the abdomen, they workout shoulders and back to keep the “rope” taut. While the biceps (the front of the arms) are toned thanks to the flexion-extension movements.

4. Roll up

Workout at home

Lying on the back, with the legs extended and joined, the hammer feet. Grab the towel, stretch it and stretch your arms over your head. Then portal at eye level, bring your chin close to your chest and contract your abs to lift your upper body up to sit down. Complete the exercise by bending forward: the abdomen approaches the thighs and the “rope” at the feet. Then, contracting the abdominals, slowly unroll the back to the ground supporting one vertebra at a time. The arms follow the backward movement and are extended beyond the head. Repeat the sequence 8 times for 2 sets.

Improve body control and flexibility, also toning your abs.

5. “Superman”

Workout at home

Place belly on the ground with legs stretched out and arms stretched forward, gripping the ends of the towel. From here, it “sucks” the navel to bring the pubic to the ground; then lift your chest, if you can reach the ribs, otherwise even a few centimeters. If you want to intensify, bring your legs up at the same time. Keep a couple of seconds and then relax on the ground. Inhale during movement and exhale in the return phase. Do not start with momentum, to avoid bending your back too much. Repeat 8 times for 2-3 sets.

Excellent for strengthening the lumbar area.

6. Traction on the wallWorkout at home


Standing against a wall, make sure you keep your back straight, with the spine well supported on the wall, your low shoulders and your abdominals contracted. Grab the ends of the towel and, with a stretched leg, place one foot inside the cloth. Inhale, then exhale fold the arms and bring your hands close to your chest, resisting with the leg that bends. Then return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 10 times, then change the leg. For 2-3 series.

Thanks to the movement of traction you workout the whole upper part: arms, shoulders and backbones.

7. Stretching

Workout at home

Sit on the ground with the left leg bent and the sole of the foot resting on the thigh of the right leg, which is instead spread out with the hammer foot. Pass the towel behind it and grip the ends. Now, upright bust, take advantage of the “rope” to facilitate the lengthening of all the posterior musculature, gently pulling the extremities and bending slightly forward. Do not force: you have to get to feel a slight tension, but no more. Keep the position for 15-20″. The gaze is directed forward, slow and regular breathing. Then reverse your legs and repeat. 2 times in total per part.

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