5 tricks to disinfect the house naturally

Disinfect the house

5 tricks to disinfect the house naturally

In addition to being suitable to alleviate health problems, eucalyptus oil can help us to give a good smell to our house and keep it free from bacteria and germs.

Sometimes nature provides us with simple resources for large need. Disinfect the house is a process essential that we consistently produce, for our welfare and health of the whole family.

The first thing to do is to avoid buying products that are hazardous because of the toxic substances that contain powerful, because the germs appear to be increasingly resistant.

Disinfect the house

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Well, you’ll be pleased to know that you keep your home clean from germs and other dangerous agents can be actually very simple. In fact, the natural products have the same effect as the industrial ones and therefore it is worth them into account and to avoid costs of those disinfectants that we buy at the grocery store every week.

Let’s take note?

1. Vinegar with hydrogen peroxide

You already know the great benefits of vinegar as a disinfectant. Well, you should know that joining it to hydrogen peroxide (or hydrogen peroxide), we will get one of the most powerful disinfectants you can imagine.

Thanks to it, you can effectively eliminate the bacteria E. coli, as well as most of the germs. It will be very useful for the daily cleaning of the kitchen, and you can even use it to wash dishes if you will include some ‘of baking soda.


  • In a container with a nebulizer, add 500 ml of white vinegar, 400 ml of water and 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Shake well and apply with the nebulizer.
  • To clean the floor-kitchen, the first thing to do is sprinkle a little ‘of water and hydrogen peroxide, then add a little’ of vinegar and wipe with a cloth. It is very easy!

2. The oil of eucalyptus

You can find eucalyptus oil at any health food or specialty stores. It can be useful for multiple purposes related to health, such as the care of the common cold and even bronchitis.

It is, however, also a wonderful ally to disinfect the house naturally.

  • Eliminates bacteria and germs.
  • Repels mosquitoes.
  • It is useful to flavor the house.


For every liter of water, add 150 ml of eucalyptus oil. You will see that your floors and tiles shine, in fact this compound eliminates germs, dirt and gives a smell the house.

3. Baking and its excellent uses for the home

We are sure that you already know the great virtues of baking soda to clean the house, disinfect and also to shine the pipes.

It should not be missing in the house: it is a resource effective to disinfect the home naturally and also will allow you to eliminate bad smells and is an excellent insect repellent.

To disinfect and clean the oven

In this case you just have to spray the inside of the oven, and then sprinkle two tablespoons of baking soda. Close the oven and let stand a few hours or, if you prefer, through the night and remove the next day.

Then you just have to wash with a damp cloth with soap and water and rinse.

To disinfect and clean the pipes

To keep the pipes in perfect condition, you have to put two tablespoons of baking soda down the drain and immediately pour about 250 ml of vinegar. Let sit over night and then, the next morning, rinsed with hot water. You will see results!

4. Vinegar and lemon

It could not miss this simple and effective combination. The lemon, vinegar together, acts as a powerful disinfectant for the house, very useful also for the cleaning of the bathroom. 

Take notes on what we should do.


  • 1 liter of water
  •  ¼ liter of white vinegar
  • The juice of one lemon
  • A bottle with sprayer


When you have all the ingredients, introduce them in a plastic bottle or glass and shake well.

You only have to moisten a cloth to wipe all surfaces of the house that you want to disinfect. If you want to clean the case, you will need to use very hot water and leave this mixture overnight. 

The results will be amazing.

5. Hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil

We have already spoken at the beginning of the multiple benefits of the use of hydrogen peroxide. Well, if you want to disinfect your home naturally awkward areas or characterized by a greater presence of germs, such as areas that are more our four-legged friends, use this compound containing hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil.


  • 750 ml of water
  • ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice (20 ml)
  • 10 drops of tea tree oil
  • A clean bottle with sprayer


Exactly as we have done on previous occasions, when we have all the products, we will put them into the bottle and shake well before use.

Sprinkle this mixture in the most difficult to clean, such as in cat litter or in the dog kennel. Hydrogen peroxide and tea tree act as good repellent for fleas and ticks,therefore it will be very effective in maintaining the hygiene of our pets.

Apply and let stand for about half an hour. Afterwards, clean with a cloth and rinse with warm water.

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