A breakfast nook, ideas for decorating delicious

A breakfast nook

A breakfast nook, ideas for decorating delicious

You know, because we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but not always lend attention it deserves is it because you do not have at home the right corner? Here we will give you many ideas to get you’re willing to wake up to enjoy it.

Once you discover the advantages that pay attention to breakfast, you’ll love to spend the minutes it deserves. If you are one of those people who in the morning go out on an empty stomach, chip and sign changes to our proposals.

A breakfast nook

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The kitchen, the most practical option

You are unable to take something else to wake up than coffee, so, the first thing you do is go straight to turn on the coffee maker. The kitchen is ideal, if you do not have place to locate a table, it is best to have a cozy little space that you can get with a simple shelf against the wall with several teams.

If you’re lucky enough to have a wide and bright kitchen, there is no excuse to skip breakfast. The first meal of the day is the perfect occasion to enjoy a wide and comfortable hob, as this of wood splinted with which get a touch of class to the whole.

Your family is large. Then enjoy the pleasure of a Sunday breakfast sitting them all around a large table where there is enough for all kinds of delicacies, sweet and savory space. Breakfast family will become a habit of holidays.

Today do not get out of bed

The weekend may also serve to give some quirk, like breakfast in bed and not get up until the cocktail hour. Some incentive there to look after work Monday to Friday.

Of course, if you get to bring you breakfast in bed, on a tray or rather a practical waitress folding (ideal for taking breakfast of two people) you’ve reached the summum of a full festive morning Do you rent plan ?

Do you work at home? Breakfast at your desk

Whether you work from home as if you have enabled an office or a table to work, you cannot forget your breakfast you have a lot of work pending. Surround yourself with light and create a bright space, painting walls, floor or furniture white, also will help to give you energy.

A breakfast nook

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If you need more space, the lounge can get you out of trouble

If your kitchen is too small to accommodate all your family or if you have, guests and you need more space, a good option is breakfast in the lounge.

To get a greater feeling of spaciousness, if this is a permanent situation, you can open a window in the wall that connects the two rooms. Place a ledge on which support plates and other utensils will facilitate the work to bring them forth. You can also install a curtain or blind to regulate light or create a cozy atmosphere.

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Make the most of your balcony or terrace

If you are lucky enough to have a terrace or balcony at home, you do not miss the opportunity to make your breakfast there. There is nothing more cheerful to start the day taking advantage of the fine weather. In addition, you get by choosing all the accessories that also this part of your home look as welcoming as the rest.

A breakfast nook

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A potted plants, flowers, or cultivation table, for example, that besides giving a decorative touch also serves to insulate the outside and a set of table and chairs, is enough to comfortably use that space. To finish the decoration you can also coat the floor of your terrace or balcony with wood.

The sun is shining breakfast in the garden!

When the warm weather arrives, the ideal place to make the most the breakfast room is a garden. If you are lucky enough to have such a special place, do not hesitate to use it to start your day, especially now that spring is just around the corner.

Start by choosing a floor exterior that is to your liking and placed on it a set of table and chairs with a capacity according to your needs diners. In order to enjoy this wonderful corner also when summer arrives, you can install an awning that will provide a pleasant shade. Surely, in such a scenario, the simplest breakfast will know glory.

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