Christmas tree decorating ideas

Christmas tree decorating ideas

The Christmas tree is the most classic of all Xmas decorations and usually the focal point of your festive decor. If you have been pining for some Xmas inspiration, here are a few ideas to spruce up your tree.

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Ribbons and bows

Bringing to mind Christmases of yesteryear, ribbons and bows can be made in any colour and any material to complement your tree. Brightly coloured ribbons look great against a dark green tree; alternatively, try jute bows for a rustic look.


Your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be seven feet tall to be impressive. Pop a mini tree on a table or shelf for an eye-catching festive centrepiece that won’t engulf your space.


The disco trend has hit in a big way this year. You can get in on the sparkly 70s-inspired fun with glitter ball decorations, silver tinsel, and retro fairy lights.

Sample Scandi inspiration

You can incorporate Scandi vibes by adding mini ceramic houses to your tree. They have an LED light inside, so can be used instead of Christmas lights for a soft, soothing glow. Even better, they can be used year after year.

With more than two out of five Brits worrying about how much Christmas is going to cost this year, according to an Ipsos survey, having decorations you can reuse is a great way to save the pennies.

Make it personal and memorable

By far the best decoration you can add to your Yuletide this year is some happy Christmas memories. There is no better way to do this than by making your own decorations. Check out some DIY Christmas bauble knitting kits from stockists such as for a fabulous way to personalise Christmas.

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However you decorate your tree, these ideas are guaranteed to help you branch out this Christmas.

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