What is the difference between decoration and Home Staging?

Home Staging

What is the difference between decoration and Home Staging?

One of the most important moments in a person’s life is that moment in which they make the purchase of a property owned. From this moment a process of search, information consultation, location of different options, comparison of budgets and other key aspects in this action plan is born. Well, one of the most important techniques when putting a house up for sale is Home Staging. This concept groups those techniques that present the asset in a more attractive way to the potential buyer.

Home Staging

Prepare a house for sale or rent

When a property is put up for sale, it is positioned in a market in which there are many other flats and houses that may interest those who are currently searching for a home. Through the techniques of Home Staging, it is possible to elaborate a totally individualized plan to highlight an attractive presentation of the property in such a way that the potential buyer can visualize the strengths of this place against other factors that may perhaps be improved.

There is a very important difference between a family furnished and decorated home and a space ready for sale. The first example shows the place from the concrete context of the family lifestyle, a specific decoration style, personal memories such as photographs also dress the rooms of the house with emotions …

However, this home is ready to start a new stage by welcoming another family when it is put up for sale. One of the characteristics of Home Staging techniques is that it presents the space in a more impersonal way. A place reflects its best version through the result of this action plan that is linked to the needs of the property.

What aspects are especially important in this home sale? For example, the order. Also, the organization of the different rooms. This may also be a good time to make small adjustments to correct potential repairs. These arrangements not only improve the home, but also the first impression that the potential buyer has of the place.

Benefits of Home Staging techniques to sell the house

What are the benefits that these techniques produce? For example, increase the interest that the house arouses in those buyers who are interested in acquiring a property in the area. In this way, this place differs from the others by transmitting a value proposition. This increase in interest in buyers also translates into a greater number of proposals by people interested in knowing the house. In other words, this prior preparation can reduce the waiting time from when the house is put up for sale until the purchase by the new buyer is finalized.

It should be pointed out that this type of proposal not only offers good results in the specific case of the sale, but also in the rental alternative. Spaces of different characteristics can be presented on the market after this preparation.

These techniques offer a flexible response to different possible situations. For example, the sale of a property that is sold unfurnished or the presentation of a loft that, on the contrary, is fully equipped. If you want to sell an apartment or rent it, you can also experience the strengths of this trend. Through this proposal you acquire new possibilities to focus on those issues that you can deal with to sell the house in the short term (not all issues depend on you).

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