From floor to floor: Pieces that transform

floor to floor

From floor to floor: Pieces that transform

Going from a simple floor to an authentic magazine step is possible, if we have the right pieces. Do not fear, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money or do homework. Sometimes a few well-chosen decorative pieces can be enough to completely transform a space and put the touch of style.

A sculptural lamp, a piece of trend, a detail that speaks of you … Take note of the keys you need to know to transform your floor. Customize your home so that it is not like the others.

floor to floor

One piece decoration icon

Nothing transforms an interior better than an iconic piece of decoration, be it a piece of furniture or a small decorative accessory. Decorative icons are a great choice, since they are timeless designs that do not understand fashions. On the contrary, these designs are revalued over the years.

In addition, they are super versatile and easy to combine. And is that these designs fit in an infinity of spaces and combine with all kinds of decorative styles. And what icon pieces can we choose? For example, some Nordic chairs for the dining room, a sofa for the living room, etc.

Trend textiles

Another way to dress a discreet floor and transform it into a pisazo is with the help of textiles. Opt for trend prints that add character to your decor. For example, some cushions with geometric pattern that will add contrasts and put the chic touch.

If you prefer the color, nothing better than the infallible kilims. These ethnic pieces are ideal for those looking for an eclectic decor. These handmade rugs are perfect to add textures and add warmth and comfort.

The Berber-style carpets will also help you achieve cozy environments and put the touch of trend. And is that these carpets, like the kilims, are super trendy. However, unlike kilims, Berber carpets are more discreet. Its pattern has become an icon: rhombuses of black or gray on a white background.

floor to floor

Sculptural lamps

Lighting is another great decorative resource to transform a simple floor. In this sense, our advice is that you opt for sculptural lamps and with a very colorful design. These pieces help you decorate without needing to be lit. In addition, they allow you to delimit and highlight environments.

For example, a sculptural ceiling lamp is perfect to give prominence to the dining table. While a bow-type floor lamp will look great in a reading corner or in the living room next to the sofa.

Details that personalize

But if in addition to transforming the decoration of your apartment, you want to achieve a unique house, our advice is to personalize your spaces with details that speak of you and reveal aspects of your personality. For example, some pictures, some photographs of friends or family, memories of trips and getaways … Customizing the house is the best way to make our rooms super cozy and unique.

floor to floor

A typical design from another country

We also recommend adding a piece of furniture or a traditional piece from another country. Perhaps a Chinese wedding wardrobe, an auxiliary furniture of Arabic style, a Chinese vase, an African mask, a juju hat, an oriental lamp, a Japanese figure, etc. Explore designs and pieces from around the world, because they can help you transform your home.

In addition, as with the decoration icon pieces, these designs do not understand fashions and are so versatile that they fit in an infinity of environments. And you, what other pieces do you recommend to transform our apartment into a magazine house?

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