Fun ideas to brighten up the nursery

Fun ideas

Fun ideas to brighten up the nursery

Decorating a child’s room is the perfect opportunity for you to release your creativity and be put off by some boldest choice, surely you choose not to other rooms of your home. The only limit you have to create this small universe is your imagination, with which insurance will get smaller surprise and make them happy with a bedroom of the most colorful and original. Therefore, we will propose the most fun ideas to brighten up the nursery and that they enjoy it to the fullest.

Who said that collecting was boring?

All children love to fill with toys her room to play, but they are not as exciting collect everything they have drawn once when fun is over. To promote the sooner the habit of order in them is very important and to achieve it should start considering as if it were a game more, with a song for example, and helping them to imitate you and see that everything has its place.

You can use the hollow under the bed to create a corner where little has the enough to put all their toys space with drawers and shelves that allow sorting. Paints each drawer a different color to distinguish what goes where. You can even use chalkboard paint and create a surface for painting.

Take every nook and cranny to place boxes or baskets decorated with brightly colored stripes, like a bank on which you can also put some practical handles which hang your small backpacks, jackets, scarves or handbags. Any excuse is good to learn to be orderly.

Fun ideas

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An attractive reading corner

Reading is another habit that is desirable to encourage the early years and nothing better to do to book a room space to mount a flirtatious shelf on which store all your books and stories. If instead of using wooden crates shelves we suggest you also put a comfortable seat with a cushion, so you can comfortably lean back to enjoy all the adventures that await you in the books.

If the bedroom does not have sufficient surface to carry out our earlier idea, do not stay without a place to put those stories you both like. Hang a fun – filled trays on the wall, of different sizes and at different heights and sure you will love the casual effect they produce.

Because playing also learn

To draw, to calculate or record homework, to write their first words or molona not forget that phrase when it is something more, a wall of slate is always a great solution to unleash the imagination of children. With special paint easily and surely you will get even you feel like taking a piece of chalk.

The floor was never so much fun

What kid does not like wallowing on the floor? To make this task even more pleasant, we suggest that you do with a carpet on which to make the most so stimulating action. Feel free to customize it with your favorite activity, for example, white lines forming a soccer field.

Color with bright textiles

In the children ‘s room not only sleeping, also dreams, plays, unforgettable moments shared with friends and let the imagination fly, so it is important to pay attention to the textiles to wear their personal space, it is need to be comfortable with the colors and patterns they have.

Select them based on their preferences and personality, adapting them to the latest trends in decoration and of course taking into account their views. Listening to children is important because we are talking about their personal space.

If the room is shared, try to coordinate different patterns within the same range of tones. Although you can also use textiles to differentiate areas based on their varied styles. Let each child choose their bedding, cushions and decorations that you like, you’ll get two different spaces without leaving a room.

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Sleep is an adventure

Who has not dreamed of having your own cabin inside the room? Or with a bed that seems straight out of a fairy tale? Sleeping can become a pleasurable adventure if you have the appropriate bed. What do you think put a bunk bed, and tap the bottom to create a zone of toys? This solution is ideal for small rooms or where want to take advantage of the available space.

For the most imaginative children is best decorate your room with your favorite theme, creating a space where they can unleash their dreams. A fictional character, a sport, a hobby they are passionate about, is valid for any reason you go to sleep becomes a special moment.

A secret place to store treasures

Nothing more like your kids to have a hiding place in which to leave safe from any glance your prized possessions. If there is a dais in his room wood, do be a breeze, you only need to think a trapdoor to be accessed easily, below, which can hide these treasures. That yes, you do not even access it happens without permission!

And if we play to recycle?

Although a priori can crash the idea of decorating a child’s room with recycled items, we assure you can get a surprising result, simply and economically. If you fancy decor low cost, get yourself several wooden crates and try different paints and combinations. And to make it easier to move and change its location, Throw on some wheels at the bottom.

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