How to choose a garden tap

How to choose a garden tap

It’s heartening to freshen up your outdoors, and one improvement you can make is adding a new garden tap. While a watering can is a must, a link to an outdoor water source is a more effective way of supplying water to the garden.You can use a ruler to carefully measure across the thread diameter where the connector attaches. Once you have a tap thread measurement, it is easy to work out which connector is suited to your tap.

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What kind of tap should I buy?

It is important to purchase a tap that is the same design as the previous model to enable it to fit easily without any hassle. If you are new to DIY, you may want to take the old tap to your hardware store so that you can make a like-for-like purchase.

How do I install a garden tap?

First, choose a location and consider factors such as the proximity to the water supply inside the house as well as accessibility. Get your materials, including the copper pipe, the fittings, the isolation valve and the check valve. Turn off the water supply, install the pipe and the tap and turn on the water supply.

You can learn how to fit an outdoor tap or fix issues, thanks to videos and tutorials online. Homes and Gardens has a guide on how to fix low water pressure in an outdoor tap.

If you are not a confident worker, you may want to call in the professionals. If you require a plumber in Gloucester for this task, you can arrange to benefit from the services of a number of professionals including

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What other stylish tips do I need to know?

For homeowners who wish to enhance the surroundings and have the outdoor tap as a feature in their garden, a free-standing option is a stylish choice. Some have a shelf mid-way up that is handy for resting heavy buckets and watering cans. A garden tap is a small enhancement that can really add to the garden, making it an enjoyable outdoor space.

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