Ideas for decorating small kitchens with little money

decorating small kitchens

Ideas for decorating small kitchens with little money

Having little room in the kitchen is never an impediment to decorating it in a special way. Neither for this to have to involve a large financial outlay.

That’s why today we are going to review some ideas that will help you decorate your small kitchen with little money. We will achieve this through details that, in the end, are the ones that make the difference. Also thanks to tools that teach us to better organize spaces. We get down to work!

decorating small kitchens

Some flowers are always welcome

The flowers convey joy. In the kitchen you can also place them and if this space is not too big you will also get a touch of personality and color and hardly spend anything on it.

We remind you which are the most recommended plants to place in this room of the house. To make the most of the available surface you can create a small garden or vertical garden, for example, or simply place a vase on the countertop. Sometimes this little detail helps a lot to change the look of any place.

decorating small kitchens

Maintaining order is essential

That a house is ordered is always important. If the rooms are small, this becomes even more important, and a space of a few square meters messy can become an oppressive and uncomfortable place to live.

So when you get down to work with the low cost decoration of your small kitchen, have one thing clear: nothing is more economical and effective than order. For this you have many resources: special storage systems for small spaces, take advantage of all the corners, place shelves and shelves for your jars, hangers for utensils …

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Take advantage of vertical space

The next idea we are going to talk about is quite related to the previous one. It’s about making the most of vertical space, the one your walls offer you. Sometimes we do not take all possible advantage of the surface that we have at our disposal.

If your kitchen is small and you can not put too many furniture, or not too large, put shelves and shelves on your walls will serve to decorate and to keep the stay always organized.

At sight all the objects that you place there will be left, so give free rein to your creativity to put boats, jars and decorative objects that are so nice. As you can see, it is not a big expense to do it (you can recycle glass or metal jars) and the result is incredible.

You can put glass jars with spices, some small plants, books or crockery in sight. It is not necessary that the shelf is especially wide and thus you will not be too saturating the space of your kitchen.

decorating small kitchens

Vinyl and washi tape

An economical and always effective way to give a decorative touch to your kitchen is to use adhesive vinyl or washi tape.

You can choose vinyl with phrases or motifs related to this place, or decorate the appliances or doors with colored ribbons to give them a different touch.

Help yourself with textiles

The kitchen is a place where we find textiles like tablecloths (if you have a table in the kitchen that you use for lunch or dinner) and rags. Playing with them will also help you to decorate the room and give it your personal touch, since you have the option of using different patterns or fabrics.

In addition, if you want to be changed, it will not be too expensive for you to make new ones, so the decoration of your small kitchen will always be alive.

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