Why You Should Invest In Long-Length Wood Flooring

Why You Should Invest In Long-Length Wood Flooring

You may not realise it, but the length of the wood flooring you purchase affects the overall look of your floor.

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There are many reasons wood flooring has gained popularity in recent years.


The average flooring available can have 2,000 butt joints in a 500-square foot room. This makes the floor look busy and less attractive. However, investing in long-length wooden flooring will reduce it to just 200 butt joints, giving the floor a greater aesthetic appeal.

It’s useful to know the average length of floorboards to assist you in purchasing flooring. The quality of the wood floor will be reduced if the board is less than 5 feet, but anything between 7 and 11 feet will achieve a high-quality look.

You can purchase long wide plank flooring at places such as https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.ie/engineered-flooring/long-wide-plank.html.

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Things to Consider

Surprisingly, the average length of most floorboards sold is only 2 to 3 feet long. It’s very hard to find longer floorboards over 6 feet, causing a longer installation time and less aesthetic appeal.

Flooring is usually measured in inches rather than feet, so when purchasing your floor, make sure you give the right measurements. Ordering lengths as a special order means you’ll wait longer and pay more.

An extra bonus is that longer floorboards come from older trees. This offers more stability than other wood flooring options and has a high-quality look. Longer planks offer a lot more practicality while giving rooms a beautiful finish.

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