Making an scrim Wall

Wall Decoration

Making an scrim Wall

Are you remodeling your rooms? Learn how to achieve sensational scrim wall easily with this technique.

Steps to make a scrim Wall

Make yourself a scrim wall may be exactly what you wanted to give a whole new look that boring wall of flat color. You no longer need to complicate your whole day with rubber and paper murals conventional, whose designs we almost never match at all, and the adhesive is more put on our clothes on the wall.

Wall Decoration

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Today we show you how to make a scrim wall, taking advantage of the versatility of genres and with such a simple technique that until you try it, you will not believe how effective it is.

Materials to stick on a wall fabric

Do not spend your entire budget on extravagant paints, rollers and trays, much less complicated papers murals as difficult to place. Instead, take advantage of all genres that you love to make a sensational scrim wall. You can use this sheet that was not his partner and whose design has always loved, an old curtain thin you want to use to another project, or even pieces of genres of great designs and colors find the silks at rock bottom prices.

With a scrim wall You can easily customize your environment, stamping or drawing on genres and white canvases with permanent markers or fabric paints. You can replicate your texts and favorite phrases, and even the pictures of your children or their favorite characters on your walls, a cool idea and budget!

In addition to the fabric you want to use (a smooth and somewhat thin work best, as the cloth tablecloths, sheets, linens and the like), you also need an adhesive easy home to do that when you so decide, it may be withdrawn only hot water or steam, returning the original state pared anytime.

Home fabric adhesive to glue on the wall

To make homemade glue and glue the paintings on the wall, use a pot, a bucket or pail, water, starch or cornstarch, a wooden spoon to stir, and brush, brush or roller to apply firm.

Ten hand scissors or knives sharp precision when applying to prevent any need. Just mix in the pot, in proportion to what you need, 4 cups of cold water and 3/4 cup of starch and heated slowly, stirring, until the consistency of thick cream something (not too thick, it will harden further cooling – in the pot, the adhesive should have a consistency like liquid cream liquid / cream milk).

Dumps in the bucket or the bucket and allowed to cool: If you notice that has hardened too much, just add a little more water barely warm and cool again, for the ready to use is the consistency of white glue adhesive.

Making an scrim wall

Free the work area and covers what you would not tape with hangings of paper or plastic (floor also). It presents the material on the surface and cut it neatly. If the fabric will fray, before with some of the adhesive at the edges and let it dry, so that when cutting the fabric firm.

Prepare the surface where you go to hit the canvas on the wall, cleaning and sanding as appropriate. When the glue is already cold and good consistency, simply swabbed in a thin uniform layer and the wall, and the fabric neatly accommodates in its final site, back above the adhesive. Remember to make some pressure with the brush or roller to remove air bubbles that are trapped inside, and works from up and down, once dry cutting all excess adhesive that may remain. Let dry and confirms that there are no wrinkles or bubbles, correcting them with cuts, using adhesive, or more appropriately in each case.

When you want to return to redecorate the wall, or when you need to return the wall to its original state, simply wet the genre with warm water, allowed to settle a few minutes, then take a corner of the cloth and pull, removing the material completely and without affecting the wall. If traces remain, just remove them with a barely damp cloth and your wall scrim will be as it was at first, no damage or complications.

Best of all is that the step for this project can also be applied to other surfaces. Imagine columns, frames, doors and even countertops wearing your favorite genres with your own hands thanks to this technique to make a scrim wall.

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