Reasons to Check Your Boiler Before Winter Comes

Reasons to Check Your Boiler Before Winter Comes

We take our boilers for granted. When the cold mornings arrive, we switch on the heating and run a hot shower without giving it a second thought. And when is the most likely time to notice a problem? When you first need the central heating system after not having it all summer. This will undoubtedly be a cold late autumn morning or chilly winter evening and you’ll suddenly find yourself without heating or hot water. Not the best time to have this happen!

If you want to make sure this doesn’t happen to your family, a boiler service at the end of summer or start of autumn is highly recommended. Find out more about Boiler Repair Gloucester at a site like HPR Services boiler repair

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If you are looking for a way to save on heating bills this winter season and have a boiler that is more than ten years old, you might be interested in knowing why it is not heating as well as it used to. The first thing that you will want to do before trying to make any changes to the boiler itself is to make sure that radiators have been bled. If there are cold spots on radiators, then the boiler is going to have to work overtime in order to keep up with demand, and you are going to pay for that whilst not feeling the benefits. This can cost money, so it may be worth it to check just to make sure that there is no air trapped in the system.

Of course, there are other benefits to regular maintenance aside from not being left in the cold! As appliances age, they gradually become less efficient and could be costing you more to run than you realise. When you schedule in regular checks and maintenance, you are prolonging the life of your boiler and helping to ensure it continues to serve you efficiently for many, many years.

Boilers are a significant investment and one that you will want to protect. Units that receive an annual service will last longer and mean less frequent replacements will be needed, saving money in the long run.

A boiler is a significant consumer of energy and it makes sense to want to keep running costs as low as possible. Regular maintenance can improve a boiler’s efficiency so is a no-brainer for those looking to keep costs to a minimum.

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Boilers can be dangerous appliances. Yes, they provide an essential service and dangerous problems are thankfully rare, however, they can emit gases including carbon monoxide and regular maintenance will help to ensure that your appliance is safe and tested, giving you great peace of mind.

Most boilers have stipulations in their warranty. These stipulations often include a requirement for annual servicing or the warranty becomes void. Boiler owners should check to see if this forms part of their warranty and if so, book in a service as soon as possible.

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