Special carpets: Get ahead of the spring and change the look of your home

Special carpets

Special carpets: Get ahead of the spring and change the look of your home

Spring is coming soon, so if you also love renew the look of your home often, enjoy the change of season. Today we tell you how to do the simplest and fastest way. Therefore, we have prepared this special on carpets, with current trends, new materials and patterns. A step? Natural and ethnic carpets and Boho Chic triumph styles.

Carpets all year

Gone is the idea that the carpets are for winter, homes with tile or micromanagement they lack all year. In addition, for wooden floors provide a decorative touch very necessary, they are beautiful, dress and are fashionable.

They are very decorative

A home should be comfortable and beautiful all year, our house is a space in which we want to feel relaxed and protected if in winter prefer to be rather collected and create sedate atmosphere with dark tones, in spring and summer, we look for light and add color without forgetting the comfort. To achieve this change in appearance without losing one iota of warmth, the best way to do this is by changing the carpets by others of sober designs and natural materials, with earth colors, neutral beige.

They are quite decorative pieces that will dress any space in your home is the season that is, from the bathroom to the terrace. It is also a way to give character to those areas of the house that are bland and characterless.

Special carpets

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Natural fiber rugs for all styles

The star of the season is the carpet made ​​with plant fibers, there are plenty of designs, although the rectangular is a classic, do not settle, there are wonderful options from pieces more elaborate to precious round formats.

The naturalness of the materials make it a versatile and neutral piece that fits into any interior design project. Although, no doubt, where it is best left in the homes.

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Often pieces made with this material summer, the terrace or rustic and vacation homes are linked. Interior designers offer us turn the concept, and that we are we so quiet and crafts urban and industrial world piece.

So do not be afraid to mix it with the most sophisticated objects, with micromanagement and wood. Put one of these pieces in the closet, in your living room or dining in a super mini and you will see that you get warmth.

Wool, a basic style

Another myth that we will dismantle is that wool is for winter. To begin not everywhere does the same heat, so in the north or inside houses, especially the mountain or field, wool may do lack, and much, in spring.

Where more presence takes this piece is in the bedrooms, usually used in homes style, although it looks great to Boho, Shabby Chic and Industrial bedrooms. Are trend carpets in beige tones with diamonds in gray or earth?

A very simple way to change the look of your bedroom is placing it under the bed, which protrudes enough to walk barefoot around her. Add an extra large piece of wool white diamonds, add light and comfort at the same time.

Special carpets

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Killims, a staple for looks Bohemians and Nordic

Although both styles have nothing to do with each other, the two have fallen in love with the same piece to decorate the floors of our homes. If the Nordic style characterized by sobriety, wood and white, Boho style is the opposite.

Bohemian, however, mixing textures, patterns, colors, styles, is a potpourri made ​​with style. In the Nordic households, Persian rugs help to give a touch of color and comfort that almost surgical air, though beautiful. Place these pieces in the hallways, in the kitchen and dining room.

Instead household Boho Chic one of these rugs still adds more personality to the room. Put her under the dining room table or under the coffee table. These same resources can also use the with Persian carpets.

Persian carpets become

Although it is a classic, as has happened too many of them, they go out of fashion and are forgotten. In addition, like many classics, Persian carpets, reborn from its own ashes, like the Phoenix.

An essential piece in a loft industrial chic, a bohemian eclectic home or apartment.Although it also adapts to any decorative style, as long as you let room to breathe, try not to mix many patterns and colors around, it looks great in spaces with neutral bases, both light and dark tones and micro – cement floors.

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Dress up your deck with a carpet

What better way to release the terrace adding a carpet of natural fibers and a wood bio spirit. It will help to give warmth to a time of year when the cold is still a little present, and also wear incredibly your space.

Special carpets

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Brighten up your home with a carpet

As we mentioned before, if we get a change of look taking advantage of the change of season, we will thinking that this provide us the best to feel good during that season. In this case, we are dealing spring, so our goal is to get warmth and brightness equal parts.

The best way is to use carpet without prints, in light, neutral tones and beige, wool or plant fibers. Adding parts in light colors, will get enlighten and expand the space, changing the look of your home.

Patterned basic and simple

Although we have said, we wanted neutral colors and sleek designs for homes that have an extra white base, as in the case of the Nordic households, if we can afford to add a killims or Persian rug to add color missing from our decor. Try to be simple designs, geometric patterns with simple color palettes.

Mixture of earth tones with blue carpets Serenity

Finally, a chromatic recommendation that you will love. Whether you have a home Shabby Chic, as urban and even industrial combine land tones of the carpets, walls and floors with blue tones Serenity or Indigo, through cushions and other small accessories, change the look of your space completely, adding a delicate spring air. It is an extremely warm, serene and yet, thanks to the touch of color that give you vital combination.

Therefore, far this list of simple and beautiful ideas to change the look of your home in the spring, which can apply to your home decor with very little effort.

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