Tesla commitment to innovative solar panels on the roofs of our future homes


Tesla commitment to innovative solar panels on the roofs of our future homes

When today we talk about sustainable energy always, we aim our eyes to heaven. The sun, an inexhaustible source of heat and light is the best choice to be clean, efficient and cheap energy at all levels. And despite the resistance of power and oil, it seems the future is to choose this path.

In this sense Tesla is one of the firms that has bet heavily on the use of clean and sustainable energy. We’ve heard of their vehicles, batteries and your next bet seems that points to the use of sunroofs in our homes. But wait, is not there and solar panels?


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Nothing to see is that the new sunroof Tesla goes further. This is a new system to capture solar energy and transform it into electrical energy that is in our court. The difference with photovoltaic panels jumps to the naked eye, because in this case is not about panels on the roof, but these plates are the roof itself.

The sun provides more than enough energy in just one hour to supply the energy needs of our planet for an entire year. Your home can capture this free and abundant source of energy through solar panels on the roof, converting sunlight into electricity for immediate use or storage through a battery power wall.

The same plates have the function of a traditional roof and apparently cheaper if you stick to the words of Tesla. Actually, this is composed of a roof panel of three layers with a solar cell in the inner layer that absorbs solar energy. In this way, it offers an important advantage in that does not require direct light to function and enough radiation that can be generated on a day with clouds.

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The other two layers are composed of a metal grid which are color and more surface is created based tempered glass serves as protection for the other two. Thus, a building or a home with this type of coverage could generate power almost continuously.

With the legislation have encountered … and other interests

A system that can be more interesting for many users when not depend on the traditional electricity network, provided they do not live our countries with restrictive legislation. A law that favors the big energy companies that make these products in “almost” illegal or at best unprofitable because of the high fees that must be paid for its use cases.

Hopefully it will not take long this situation to overturn and that can become part of the group of countries where such solutions and initiatives are not only punishable, but are above fomented when generate responsible consumption and less polluting.

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