The Benefits of Stain Resistant Carpets

The Benefits of Stain Resistant Carpets

If you are considering buying a new carpet, there are many reasons why you might decide on a stain resistant one. Suitable for any room, carpets with built in stain resistance are a popular choice for rooms which see a lot of foot traffic, such as hallways, kitchens and living rooms. Wherever people spend the most time will likely benefit from this type of carpet.

So, what is different about stain resistant carpet compared to ordinary carpet?

The difference is pretty small actually. A standard carpet is manufactured with a type of nylon that has waterproof properties and a soft feel. It is a type of synthetic polymer plastic believe it or not. For more information on the benefits of PTFE Coating, go to a site like

To make that carpet stain resistant, additional chemicals are added during the manufacturing process which provide protection against stains like food, drinks and mud.

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What are the main benefits of choosing this type of carpet, bearing in mind it will probably be more expensive?

The biggest benefit is that whenever an accident happens and something gets spilt on the carpet, it can be cleaned with simple soapy water. A normal carpet would suffer from prolonged staining, normally despite efforts to clean with soapy water. The trick with a stain resistant carpet is to get the soapy water onto the stain before the stain dries. This way, it should be removed quickly and easily, even if it’s red wine! Some stain resistant carpets can also have bleached applied, for particularly unpleasant accidents. However, it’s imperative that the manufacturer’s label is checked as bleach can damage some carpets of this sort.

Enjoy your carpet for longer – A further benefit of carpeting with stain resistant properties is that it will last longer than a standard carpet. Due to the treatments on the fibres during manufacture, these carpets are much more resilient to wear as well as the stain resistant benefits. This makes them ideal for areas that see a lot of use such as communal areas like living rooms. Whilst a regular carpet will show evidence of stains even after cleaning, a stain resistant one will continue to look fresh, possibly for up to twice as long.

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Investing in this type of carpet will also save time and money. It is much quicker to clean away any accidental spills and you won’t need to buy specialist carpet cleaning products either. You’ll also find that stain resistant carpeting will hold its colour for longer because it does not require specialist cleaning materials or any scrubbing. Spills can be gently wiped away with ease.

For busy family homes, especially those with children and pets, stain resistant carpets make absolute sense. Yes, they cost more than standard carpeting but as they can enjoy a lifespan of up to double that of a normal carpet, it’s a worthwhile investment that will save money in the long term.

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