These Home Improvements Add the Most Value to Your Home

These Home Improvements Add the Most Value to Your Home

Adding value to your property can be the difference in breaking even and making a huge profit off of your home.  Unfortunately, many aren’t sure about how they can add value or what a buyer might be interested in.

These are the top home improvements to add value to your property and why they work!

Mini Kitchen Remodel

If you ask your realtor ‘what is my home worth?’ and hear back far less than you want: it’s time to go for a kitchen remodel.  Although you may be tempted to do a full overhaul, it’s a better idea to go small and make specific choices about which parts of your kitchen to update.  Smaller changes allow a larger return on investment and ensure you don’t have to lose money or time in the long run!

New Garage Door

How old is your garage door?  A garage door replacement offers the highest return on investment of any home update.  If your garage door is older than fifteen years: it’s time to consider replacing it.  Not only does updating this portion of your home add more value than the cost of doing it, but it can also boost the home’s curb appeal, make it easier to use, and ensure that you get your

Astroturfing in the Dry States

If you live in one of the many arid and dry regions of the country, from Arizona to New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada: you know it’s expensive to water your grass every day.  Unfortunately, without water, your grass dies and leaves the lawn brown and dead.  In the last five years, artificial turf has become all the rage, with many houses gaining value in these areas the moment they put down artificial turf.

If you don’t like artificial grass, consider leaning into the native plants and making a lawn that looks like it’s part of the natural landscape in your area!

Replacing Old Siding

How old is the siding on your property?  Good siding can increase curb appeal, show off the best features of the property, and will promise buyers the chance to enjoy the home for years without having to replace their siding.

Beyond this, good siding can also add to how energy efficient a property is, can keep out insect life: and can leave a property feeling far newer and fresher.

Updating the Windows

Out-of-date windows are a ticking time bomb for your HVAC system.  If your windows are old and leaking, they’ll quickly start to cause problems you don’t want to fix.  This can range from the larger issues like cracks and moisture leaks during storms to air leakage, making your HVAC run in overdrive.  Updating your windows can add a lot of value to any buyer.

You Can Add Value in No Time

Whether you’re updating the entire home because it’s out of date, or you’re just changing a few key items: it’s vital that you take the time to create a property where people will want to live and spend their time.  Follow some of these tips, and you’ll start a bidding war in no time.

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