How to download Google Search History

Google Search History

How to download Google Search History

Did you know that the browser saves all the information that consultation on the Internet? Here we show you how to download the Google search history directly to your computer.

How to Save the search history of Google

One of the most criticized aspects of Google has to do with the issue of privacy. The Internet giant saved by default all queries that do from their website, and although we have an option to download the search history, few people are informed about this possibility.

Google Search History

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Can you imagine what would happen if someone enters your mind? Within minutes you could have access to privileged information that can commit.

But not everything has to be bad, because there is an option to delete the history of Google search, including downloading all the information to your computer. The only requirement is to have an email from Gmail; you have purchased insurance when you checked in the search. The files are stored in Drive to access them anytime, anywhere.

Steps to download the Google search history

To access these options, we can go to the site and type “history of Google searches.” It appears very big results titled “Delete your Google search history.” Click on “Go to the site search history”. If you have not logged in, the system will ask the user and password of your account.

On the next screen will show your stats. You find the consultation you’ve done lately, the most popular, and a lot of related information. You can take a look and be surprised with everything that has been saved in your network activity, but what we want is to download the search history and then delete it, or just to have a copy on your computer.

At the top right of the screen are icons with several options. Click on the three vertical dots, and then “download search“. Another window with some important recommendations on the procedure opens; after you read them, choose “create file”. The system will send a message to your Gmail box with the attachment, or the option to view it in Drive.

How to remove search history

Attention, because with just download the file statistics are not deleted. If you also want to remove your query history, return to the previous page (which contains the details of your activity). Clicks again on the icon with the three vertical dots, and this time choose “Delete options”. Another window with the possibility of eliminating the activity in different periods of time, either today, yesterday, or “advanced”, where we can choose the last week, the last 4 weeks, a particular date or all of the period opens. Finally, clicks delete and go.

So we will have achieved simple download the Google search history, and then delete it and do not leave traces of our consultations in the search.

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