10 qualities that you should never show in a job interview

job interview

10 qualities that you should never show in a job interview

Do you want to impress the recruiter in your next job interview? Start by making sure you do not show these qualities, you will be discarded immediately.

No doubt there are many skills that will help you find a job, interests that will attract the attention of the recruiter, and dozens of tricks to make a good impression. However, first of all you have to take care not to show any quality that displeases the interviewer.

It is useless to have a great capacity for communication if you appear half an hour late to the interview and show you have no idea about what the company does.

Sometimes you can even prove to have a negative personal or professional quality for companies without realizing it. It may be that the confidence you have in yourself is about to become an arrogant attitude, and there is nothing more disenchanting to an interviewer than arrogance.

The next time you have a job interview, be sure not only to show the qualities that will conquer the recruiter, but also to hide the attributes that will discard you immediately in an interview revealed by the employment platform Glassdoor …

 job interview

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1) Ambiguity: The recruiter does not want to know that you are a proactive person, he wants you to prove it to him – and you have less than 30 minutes to do it. Make sure to accompany all the skills you claim to have with examples of your previous jobs or projects .

2) Lack of loyalty: Never speak ill of your previous boss or company. Maybe the reality is that you left your previous job because your boss made you bitter, but the recruiter does not want to know that. Instead try to give positive reasons why you changed jobs, for example that you were looking for a company with a more consolidated business culture, more opportunities for professional growth, among others. In this way you can also take the opportunity to mention the aspects that you like most about the company that offers the position.

3) Indifference: Recruiters want to feel flattered, you have to show that you love the company and the position and you go for it. No interviewer wants to see that you simply look for a job to eat every month; Show enthusiasm and tell them you do not want any job, you want that job.

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4) Too complacent: Do not settle with everything the recruiter says. They look for people with opinions they can think about and help them improve. Give your point of view always with respect and with head, you do not have to agree with everything.

5) Disorganization: First rule: never be late for a job interview, and make sure you get there early enough – but not too much. An interview requires a lot of preparation, and the recruiters want to see it. Start by printing a copy of your CV and preparing answers to the most common questions.

6) Being unpleasant: You have to be as polite as possible. Think that the workers represent the company, and they will not want to have anyone who does not know how to deal with people. Adopt these tricks to please everyone and always make sure to say thank you, please ask and listen always attentively.

7) Arrogance: One thing is to have confidence in yourself, and another thing is not to have a drop of humility. When you claim to be good at something, justify it with examples. And first of all, do not be a know-it-all.

8) Verborrea: Get to the point, the recruiter does not have all the time in the world and does not need to know the smallest detail. Stick to the experiences and skills that are truly relevant to the position.

9) Lack of interest in the company: Do not you know anything about the company? Forget about the position. It is important that you show interest in the company by asking relevant questions at the end of the interview. Writing down details that interest you will also impress the interviewer.

10) Lack of professionalism: It does not matter if the company has the most relaxed atmosphere in the world, in the interview you should show only your best face. Take care of your physical appearance and never use profanity or talk about inappropriate topics. If you have doubts about whether something is appropriate or not, better not mention it.

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