How to be a good waiter

How to be a good waiter

It’s not only about the food, but also about creating an experience. Here are some tips that will help you make sure your customers have a great time and come back again.

Know the menu

The menu should be known by the servers to assist customers in making informed decisions about their meals and to encourage upselling. Learn the ingredients, methods of preparation, and allergens on the menu. Understanding the restaurant’s wine list and specials is important. You’ll feel more confident and helpful if you have more knowledge.

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Be efficient

It’s important to turn tables efficiently for a restaurant to be profitable, but it’s also crucial that you strike the right balance between providing quick service without making customers feel rushed. You can manage several tasks simultaneously without feeling overwhelmed. It is important to move between the tables, kitchen and register efficiently. For efficiency, consider a Restaurant Pager System from

Repeat the order

It is important to repeat orders to the customer to ensure that they are correct. According to research, servers who repeat orders back to customers receive nearly double the tip of those who do not. Don’t guess if you are not certain about an order.

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Friendly demeanour

It is important to have a positive and proactive mindset in order to gain the trust of customers and co-workers. Maintain a positive attitude and always greet your customers with a friendly smile.

Handle complaints professionally

Listen to the customer without interrupting, apologise if needed, and then find a resolution. When appropriate, escalate the issue to a supervisor. A skillful server is calm when dealing with customers, can handle difficult situations and uses feedback to improve.


Every member of the restaurant staff, from servers to chefs, is responsible for the overall dining experience. Work well with your coworkers, and share any information relevant to tables or customers.

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