It’s time to work your personal brand

Personal brand

It’s time to work your personal brand

Your personal branding is the way others see you, also in the Marketing is the dedication to promote your personal brand, and in the event that this personal mark this oriented job search, be an important factor that we differentiate us from others at the time of facing a selection process, having a own personal brand and clearly defined can help us be hired or not.

Am I ask conformal like and what I do? What I can do to differentiate from the rest? What attribute must emphasize my personality? All your professional and social experiences have enabled you to develop a personal brand, where you worked, that sport practices, your hobbies, your beliefs … if you see or do not see clear weak your personal brand, follow these tips to guide you in creating a brand strong staff.

Personal brand

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The Importance of Personal Branding

Everyone has a personal brand, which encompasses all aspects of the person, but in this case we differentiate the professional aspect, which should give much value the specialty in which you work or would like to work. To achieve positioning is sought, managing your personal brand is critical to your present and future, for it has to be adjusted each time you change your preferences or plans therefore need to analyze you, study you and if necessary reinvent.

Getting to be a specialty or expert in your field, you do not get with just your knowledge and experience, although necessary for the field work is essential, as others perceive you and if this is a good perception (charismatic, reliable, credible …) could increase the chances of getting a job title.

Manage your personal brand is how to sell in the best way, similar to the system used to sell a trademark, which is to inform others, we want to know about you, and therefore must perform this process of transformation with motivation and involvement.

You have to consider managing your personal brand, since this trend is spreading and will become very usual shortly. The sooner you start before you see the beneficial results of change.

Currently the main way of seeking employment, is through Internet and professional social networks, as a result, our personal data and are available for anyone interested in hearing from you company.

Your networking will be more effective than ever.

Where to start?

The steps to start or update your personal brand are:

Determine who you are and what you do

The first step begins with knowing who that brand and to use, with its strengths and weaknesses, ultimately perform a process of self-knowledge, punctuating our strengths and weaknesses. This generally gets our current personal brand and continues to find that you propose objectives.

Your identity is conditioned by how others perceive you, make a list of your successes that have outstanding issues and that have failed (important to improve your weaknesses). You have to know that your personal brand has the strength to guarantee not to start over, whatever the problem or failure you have committed, if you update your personal brand will not have the need to start again, people who it amounts, will follow.

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The help from people in your environment, so that they provide information on how you perceive them will be important, as they are the people with whom you interact normally and can provide details or information that sometimes we are not aware of it.

Find out your career goals, your mission

You have to know yourself and be clear about your career goals, your skills and abilities are an advantage when it comes to achieving the objective, the image you want to show others who you want to know about you, with these premises have defined the strategy to take on your future employment, and therefore identify what your target. Necessary discipline and motivation to learn your preferences in life and conclude with the creation of the personal brand you want will be.

Define your customers or target

When identifying the target or target customer, it has to be done in the same way as when you want to sell a commercial product, personal brand has to work to sell and be attractive to the customer, therefore, you should bear clear what kind of product you are and what your attributes (skills, abilities, aptitudes, interests, aspirations …), knowing how to sell the attributes that make you unique, you differ from others.

That means use for advertising

A personal brand is not just creating it and forgets it is necessary to continue with the benefits of principle, good housekeeping to have our day professional profile and greater visibility:

  • Internet keeping about you: You will have to check your name on Internet search engines; you will show that current information exists about you. Like it or not what you find, do not worry can modify it, but will be the basis to start or run your personal brand.
  • Participates in social networks: There are numerous platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, iTunes … Social networking helps to know / find people easily and quickly, so you must avoid overreach or over-exposing, just enough. Always use your personal name or brand name you want to sell to create accounts in social networks.
  • Create a professional account on LinkedIn: With this you can contact and meet other professionals in your industry and exchange ideas, as well as make yourself known industry professional you know, easy to find partners and collaborators for new projects.
  • Create a blog about you: I let you display your personal brand, as it will help others to get an idea of how you are, but this requires creating comments on a regular basis, and especially to answer users to comment, showing them your photo.
  • Related Media: Find any means related to your career interests or professional area and participate in them when you have something new to say or when you can add value. Do not post or spread it a failure, otherwise, it can damage our image and therefore, to lose career opportunities.

To be up to date

  • Not even to communicate through social networks, publish any project you make, write about it, you will create a viral content and more people know about you.
  • Add content regularly to refresh your personal brand, you’ve created in the past will not stay forever.
  • Continuous learning and updating your knowledge, especially if fields or sectors are rapidly evolving. If you are not informed of the news, you are not an expert.
  • Every time you interact with someone thinks of your personal brand, it will give you ideas for improving your brand.

If you want something, it’s going to cost you. Cheer up!

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