Joshua Manocherian – Hobbies That People Can Make Money From

Joshua Manocherian – Hobbies That People Can Make Money From

Whenever it comes to choosing a career path, many people opt to chase a career in something that they are naturally good at, others go where the money is and some have even found a way of turning their hobbies in to a money making career. Most of the success that people have found from their hobbies has come as a result of the internet and today we are going to take a look at what kind of hobbies can be turned into a career.


A buddy of mine Joshua Manocherian was always a great photographer and a few years ago he decided to turn this passion into a business which has gone on  to become very successful. Josh started out by doing weddings and events for people, something which pays very well incidentally, following this he set up his very own photography blog and also started selling prints to magazines. These days he makes a great deal of money from magazine shoots and he is proof that you can turn a hobby in photography into a career with a very good salary.


There are many arty people in the World who have a passion for making things like furniture and decorations fro the home, or even their own clothing. In the past, crafty people like this had to settle with selling their good in a local market or to their friends, that was until the internet came along. These days it has never been easier for people to sell their handmade crafts across the World using the internet. There are websites like Etsy and eBay which allow people to open up their very own online stores and sell their products on the World’s biggest marketplace.

Digital Celebrity 

The video sharing platform YouTube has enabled people with a wide range of skills and passions to make money from it. For example, there are people out there who want to be comedians who have used YouTube to gain an audience and make money, there are also people who love playing video games and have actually made millions from playing their games and recording them on YouTube. This video sharing website has allowed a great deal of people to make money from their hobbies.


In the past, or at least before the internet, anyone who wanted to write for a living would either have to be skilled and fortunate enough to write a great book and have it published, or get a job as a journalist which was never an easy task. These days however it has never been easier for people to turn their passion for writing into a career. Blogging for example is something that is available to everyone and anyone with an internet connection and it can make strong earnings. There is also a huge freelancing scene on the internet with a vast array of writing jobs available to anyone with the skills to do them.

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