Working Remotely: How to create the perfect home office

Working Remotely

Working Remotely: How to create the perfect home office

It is of fundamental importance in a market moment like this to be very well organized in order to maintain high performance when working remotely from home. Here are some tips for working remotely creating the perfect home office.

Choose the right workspace

Your productivity rate is directly related to the design, comfort and organization of your office. Working in smaller spaces without too much space will hurt you when it comes to placing your material and, above all, when it comes to finding it.

Choose the most ergonomic furniture possible to avoid long-term muscle problems and with sufficient capacity to store and organize your documents, so you always have control over what you put in that last drawer of your table. Put labels, post-it notes, whatever you want! It is important to know where everything is, and only you know it perfectly.

This will be your temple, so if you have children at home, the best thing is the shelves with the doors and the drawers with the keys. Nobody dares to move things!

Free up and free up your workspace

The computer on one side, the phone on the other … We know that your desk will be full of gadgets and the wires will be messy. The key is to place them all in the same area so that they can all be camouflaged in one place. Not to mention the dust that builds up on them … Clean! Not just for obvious health problems, but because keeping a clean and tidy space encourages concentration and gives you a better impression.

No distraction

Your workday can have unexpected events, but we try to reduce them, because you cannot be distracted and productive at the same time. Learn to separate your personal life from your professional life, and concentration will be the only thing you will get. One of the advantages of working from home is the flexibility of working hours. In reality, this increasingly widespread practice in Italy is also known as “Smart Working”. But don’t take it too literally. If you stretch out so much, you can end up doing nothing. Learn to manage your time, set a schedule and work hard to respect it.

Make your ideas clear

Spending the day in a gray space without natural light is depressing, no matter how much you love your job. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an eternal summer, so turn on the light and light up your mind. Decoration, colors and harmony are also important to make your ideas fly. So why not hang some inspirational words on the wall every day: “When you want to give up, remember why you started”.

And voila, you have the right working environment! Creating a comfortable, well-organized office is easier than I thought … If you haven’t given 100% of yourself so far, it may not be your fault. From now on there is no excuse. Good luck!

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