You know how to work the Networking?


You know how to work the Networking?

Build a network of appropriate contacts you can help make a big difference when seeking employment, because not enough people have known, it is necessary to deepen relations through activities and events outside of work.

The networking is a resource that can generate professional contacts related to the sector in which you move; this can be done in a fair, a conference or in any event related to your professional field.


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Have you ever thought that people you’ve met throughout your life can help you to find or change jobs? A great strategy to do business or to find a job is to build relationships with people in your professional environment. But this is not an easy task, nor is achieved in the overnight, you need to yourself known to others, earn their trust and be professionally credible, this will open up your job opportunities, as people who know you will give you a good reference.

Some experts estimate that most people get their jobs through networking, while 70% of post changes are attributed to this.

Social networks have facilitated generate professional networks, allowing be in contact with people in your sector. LinkedIn is a good example. But, we recommend working relationships not only through facilitating Internet platforms, is important to mix technology with face interaction.

Here in this article we offer some tips to make a good networking…

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1) Values each professional you meet: Keep networking is fundamental. Do not focus only on people in your area. Remember that this world is small and each person is an important contact in the chain link. Do not make differences between professionals, regardless of role or position they have.

2) Learn to listen: It is interesting to learn to listen to others; this will help communication flow better and allow you to create links with those important people in networking.

3) Be generous with your knowledge: Each professional always learn something new at the same time, they will learn from you, therefore, do not be selfish with everything you’ve learned, it is important to share knowledge and experience.

4) Keep in touch with college friends: Usually people lose track of their peers, and later they find out how well they have done. Create meetings regularly and maintain communication through social networks will help keep over time the bonds of friendship. For more reviews visit

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