How to tell if your hunter boots are fake

How to tell if your hunter boots are fake

How to tell if your hunter boots are fake

Hunter boots are a classic and timeless piece of footwear. They’re comfortable, durable, and versatile. But with the rise in popularity of this iconic brand, it’s no surprise that some people would try to cash in on the trend by creating fake versions of these boots. If you’ve purchased a pair—or are considering buying some—it’s important to know how to spot fake hunter boots so you don’t end up with an inferior product that will fall apart after just a few uses or seasons.

How to tell if your hunter boots are fake?

If you know how to look for it, it’s really easy to spot a fake pair of hunter boots

  • Look at the packaging.
  • Check the quality of materials and stitching.
  • Compare prices.

Shop with established retailers like Amazon, Nordstrom and Zappos, which have strict return policies in place to protect you from frauds like this one.

How to tell if your hunter boots are fake

Look at the packaging

If you make it to the store with your new boots in hand, pay attention to the packaging. If it looks like a child made it or if the words look misspelled, run for the hills. While this may not be an accurate indicator of fakes, it does put a red flag on the product.

Fake hunter boots often come from China and other parts of Asia where English is not spoken as commonly as in other countries like our own. This means that there is a high probability that someone who speaks little-to-no English did indeed assemble these fake hunter boots.

Check the quality of materials

The quality of materials is the best indicator that you’re dealing with a fake pair. The leather should be soft and pliable, not stiff like cardboard. The sole should be made from high-quality rubber or plastic, and it should flex easily when you bend it back and forth. The stitching should be neat, even, and well-done; if the stitches look messy or crooked in any way, then your boots are probably fake! Finally, check how thick the lining is: real Hunter boots have thick free-range wool linings which are very warm to wear on cold days—you can tell if yours has this by feeling around inside them carefully (you’ll find it under your toes).

Check the stitching

Check the stitching on the boot. If it looks uneven and sloppy, then it’s not authentic. This can be one of the more obvious signs that your boots are fake because if you’ve been shopping around for a while and comparing prices, then you’ll know what good quality stitching looks like.

Check if there are any loose threads hanging from any seams or stitches in particular areas of the boot; this could mean that they have already been worn before being sold to you, which would indicate that they’re likely not authentic either (or at least not new).

Compare prices

You should check the current price of real boots on the market. If you see a pair that’s way cheaper than the average price, it’s probably not legit. If you see one that’s way more expensive than the average price, it’s also probably not legit.

Shop with established retailers

The first step in buying quality Hunter boots is to shop with established retailers. Some of the most reliable places to shop include Amazon, Nordstrom, and Zappos. If you are unsure about a retailer’s reputation and authenticity policies, do some research before making a purchase.

Avoiding counterfeit products involves getting the real deal from an authorized seller like these. Once you have found the perfect pair of authentic Hunters for your wardrobe (or feet), it’s time to pick out some insoles for extra comfort!


Hunter boots are an essential piece of clothing for any outdoorsman, but they can be costly. To save money on your next pair of boots and ensure you’re not buying fakes, it’s important to know what signs to look out for before buying. If you’re unsure about whether or not your new purchase is genuine hunter boots, here are a few quick tips to help you spot the difference between fake Hunter and real Hunter boots so that you know they’re worth the price tag (and time).

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