What to Look For in an Online Pet Store When Buying Medications

Online Pet Store When Buying Medications

What to Look For in an Online Pet Store When Buying Medications

Medications are vital to your pet’s health. However, it is essential to ensure you purchase medication from a trusted source. Some medications, such as a gel or drops, come in unique forms that are easier for pets to swallow. Some are also compounded to order by a vet-owned pharmacy to ensure the medication meets your pet’s needs.


Filling prescriptions at https://www.retailmenot.com/view/CHEWY.com quickly is essential, especially if your pet requires long-term medications. Convenience also means avoiding missed or late refills, which could negatively impact your pet’s health. Look for a pharmacy that offers automated reminders to help you stay on track. Pricing is another factor to consider. A good pet pharmacy will provide a fair price and offer discounts to loyal customers. You can compare prices at many online pet pharmacies, which makes it easy to find the best deal. Look for a pharmacy with a verified website by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, ensuring its websites are legitimate and meet patient safety standards and applicable drug laws. You should avoid buying medications from grey channels, which refer to pharmacies that acquire drugs illegally or without a valid prescription.

Some grey-channel pharmacies are owned by veterinarians who use their veterinary licenses unethically to procure drugs for profit. Others are owned by product aggregators that contact vet offices and pay them money to buy large amounts of pet medication for resale. In addition, you should remember that your patients are only sometimes aware of how to store and handle pet medications properly. For example, some pets are adept at reaching tall shelves or opening cabinet doors, and some pills are flavored to smell or taste good. These factors can lead to accidental or even dangerous consumption of your pet’s medication.


Whether you’re buying pet medications for your dog, cat, or fish, choosing a store with a good reputation is essential. Check out customer reviews and look for one-stop shopping. Also, look for a pharmacy that works with a natural pharmacy, so you know you’re getting authentic prescription medications (and not just over-the-counter drugs). Be sure to keep all pet medication bottles out of the reach of children and pets and stored at the proper temperature. Another option is a small business specializing in pet medicine and supplies. 


With the advent of online pet pharmacies, buying many types of medications for your pet from home, including over-the-counter antacids and pain relievers, is possible. You can also purchase various supplements, flea and tick medications, heartworms, ear cleansers, wipes, thermometers, and first aid kits. Many online pet pharmacies have products for many pets, from dogs to fish, birds, and horses. However, you should beware of illegitimate online pharmacies. These companies are often unlicensed and may sell counterfeit or expired medication that could risk your pet’s health. They may also store the medication improperly, which can affect its efficacy. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy regulates legitimate online pet pharmacies. You can identify them by looking for the NABP verification stamp on their websites. They also offer several other perks, such as free shipping and a money-back guarantee. Regardless of your pet pharmacy, looking at the return policies and customer reviews before purchasing would be best. In addition, you should check the shipment tracking information and know whether the medication requires refrigeration. You should also check that the packaging is not damaged or tampered with. In addition, the website should list ingredients and directions for use for each product.


The prices of some pet medications seem outrageous in comparison to the same drugs prescribed for humans. These high prices have prompted some pet owners to look for cheaper options online and at online pet pharmacies. However, before ordering pet medications online, it is essential to do some homework. Some sites may be offering great deals but need to be more legitimate. These pharmacies do not follow federal guidelines and could send you counterfeit medication or even the wrong drug for your pet. An excellent place to start is by asking your veterinarian about a preferred online pet pharmacy or store. Your vet knows your pets, their health history, and your preferences. Your vet can also help you find your pet’s proper dosage and medication schedule. Online pet pharmacies offer many prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs for dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses, and other farm animals. They can be searched by category, health condition, life stage, or brand; some offer generic options for a cost-saving pick. Some pet insurance plans cover at least some medication, especially monthly heartworm preventatives. Other insurance companies offer rider coverage for a small additional premium that covers certain medications associated with accidents or illnesses.

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