5 SEO trends for eCommerce businesses

SEO trends

5 SEO trends for eCommerce businesses

SEO is essential for all web platforms, and especially important in the field of e-commerce to gain positions compared to the competition and obtain optimal results in terms of sales, today, we tell you some of the SEO trends that stand out most.

In the competitive field of e-commerce, taking care of both the content marketing strategy and positioning in search engines is key to the success of your business. With the gradual changes produced in the Google algorithm, there are different trends that are progressively rising, positively or negatively affecting the SEO of your e-commerce.

Experts constantly allude to the importance of responsive designs adapted to mobile devices, the growing importance of geolocation and local SEO trends for business or elimination of practices and techniques SEO that currently can be ineffective or directly penalized by the search to because of its fraudulent character.

SEO trends

5 recent SEO trends for ecommerce

Increasing importance of tools to optimize SEO within your ecommerce: A few years ago, all optimization was done manually, according to the factors and practices most valued by Google. However, there are currently widgets, plugins and applications on the market that provide support for editing and optimizing the different elements of the web, such as Yoast or All in One SEO Pack, among many others, helping to reduce efforts and mechanize certain measure the process.

The importance of in-depth and long-lasting content: The most extensive and analytical content should be part of the content strategy of your e-commerce business. That is, it is important that the description of your products and the optimization of images is more thorough. As an example, one of the reasons Amazon has risen to the top is that each product page is packed with in-depth information on the features, descriptions, and specifications of the offerings, along with at least five images.

Shared content on networks improves marketing: Social networks are increasingly important for online stores, so the interaction index already has a direct impact on the increase in income and the percentage of sales of e-commerce businesses. Therefore, it is necessary to give reasons to your potential customers to share your content, include product pages on networks and, in addition to the old and solid bets such as Facebook, have Instagram or Snapchat in your Social Media strategy.

Videos are the star of content pieces: Businesses must take advantage of this format, which is highlighted by all studios and companies as the leader among different types of content. Of course, it is important to also optimize the text and images, and complement them with a video marketing strategy that takes into account storytelling and anecdote, providing users with valuable content. On Instagram for example, you can already make a carousel of videos.

Never forget about optimization for mobile devices: Google has long warned of its intention to penalize companies that do not prepare their websites for viewing or buying from mobiles. Now, most of the content manager themes have a responsive built-in design. If your online store does not have it, remember that the mobile phone has the power to improve the experience for users and reach a higher percentage of customers.

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