Create an online site and think about SEO

think about SEO

Create an online site and think about SEO

When you work to create an online site from beginning to end, in close contact with all the people involved, from the client to the development team, you understand how important it is to give priority to SEO.

If it were easy, we will all be rich, but it is not. The difficulties of the products to sell, each with its own specificity, are often combined with the difficulties of the projects, the improvisations, and the haste that always advises badly. This is where data analytics consulting can aid consultants through the identification of process transformation opportunities by accurately assessing the environment the business is operating in, identifying trends in the business data, and making predictions based on that data.

The goal of this post is to show how important it is to have a route guided by the SEO to get to the bottom without forgetting anything important.

Before the development of the site

If a parallel is made with the construction of a house, the systems come before choosing the external plaster and the value of the building is based more on the technical elements than on the decorative ones.

Before starting with the development of the project we should discuss the architecture of the site, the technical issues and the objectives that define the project well.

  • The site structure is not a random element, nor an alphabetical order of resources. The site map should meet the objectives of your business and generate a flow of interested visitors. These are the goals of your business that guide the choices and you must be aware that you could review the site map more than once during development. Face discussions without preconceptions.
  • Talk a lot with the team that works. Reason with the navigator’s head, wear the client’s clothes. The foundations of SEO are dictated by your content decisions.
  • When you have a good understanding of the direction of your content it is time to determine your keyword strategy. If you come from a bad experience and are reviewing the site, always think about customers, their characteristics, their needs and how to connect them to your products.
  • Check to see if there are gaps in your team’s knowledge, for example there must be no duplicate products, so make sure the canonical are placed in the right way.

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think about SEO

During site development

During development, you need to check what changes can affect the project roadmap to avoid surprises on the scope of the project and the priorities set.

It’s time to dedicate time to post launch content strategy, because organic traffic must be conquered, it doesn’t come by chance.

The important things are …

  • Revisit your keyword analysis. If you need to find a new strategy, now is the time to do it. Now you can also realize that you are missing a page you haven’t thought of. Better to insert it now and complete the work than to leave pieces in suspense to be taken back who knows when.
  • Create a post-launch strategy. Understanding the goals and needs of the site, deciding on the plan for traffic and conversions during the first few months after launch. You have to be rightly worried about the initial traffic after launch and prepare a good budget for paid traffic.
  • Measuring is a key component of any web project, but it is often the last thing developers do. Make sure the site is measurable, that the tracking codes are set, that the Call To Action are goals to be achieved. Everything you do now helps you immediately understand what happens to your site.

It is time for the project to be launched

When it’s time to launch the project, double-check everything.

  • Make an SEO checklist.
  • If you have not done it before, set the monitoring for the buttons and objectives …
  • Scan your site to check for 404 pages or any faulty redirection and solve the problems you find as soon as possible.

After the launch of the project

Now you understand if the initial assumptions occur and if the strategies set up work. If this does not happen, the necessary adjustments must be made.

  • Monitor the data and compare it with the basic metrics. This information helps you understand how you improve the user experience and how it impacts conversions.
  • Implementing the post-launch strategy also means working on site content through blog posts, launching campaigns to attract traffic, building a marketing strategy to go. Check every step with tools even if it’s still in beta) and of course Google Analytics.

Think ahead and stay in touch with the development team, ensuring that SEO is fully integrated into the development.

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