How to make money on social media

how to make money on social media

How to make money on social media

Have you ever wondered how much money can you make with social networks? The answer is quite interesting since every day, millions of users enter different current social networks. The main platforms (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube) have more than 4,000 million consumers.

There is a fairly strong source of business within social networks, both for the company and individuals. Know how much money can be generated within these networks and how to do it. Currently, how much money can be made with social networks?

How to make money on social media?

Many people find themselves profiting from these platforms, making money through posts. But knowing exactly how much money you can make with social networks is a bit complicated because this depends on several factors.

Some of them are the publications used, the frequency in which they are made and their effect. Another point is the theme used and the tools used. Depending on this, a profit balance can be obtained. Next, we will analyze the three most influential networks today.

how to make money on social media


This is the social network with the most active people, with just over 2,100 million per month. Within this platform, you can generate income in two ways: creating a fan page or fan page. These are groups aimed at talking about a specific topic.

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This allows you to advertise brands or to mention reviews and link to other pages within Facebook or external websites. The payment per publication made ranges from six to eleven dollars when the page has thousands of users.

Another way would be to create these fan pages, fill them with active users and sell them to brands. In the same way, it is not an easy job, it takes time, but if it can be done, for each page with 50,000 followers, an approximate of 110 can be obtained.


It is one of the social networks that has become more popular in recent years, with 750 million users every month in all parts of the world. But to be able to earn money in it, you must have thousands of followers. You can take advantage of your publications to advertise on other pages, accounts or brands. The entry per sponsored post is $ 150 per month for those users who have 1,000 followers.


This platform has more than 2 billion users and is the one that gives the most income to content creators netizens. As we mentioned before, it is difficult to know exactly how much money a person makes on YouTube.

Since, what gives it the economic value, are the ads that appear in it; in the same way, the amount of advertising shown in them goes hand in hand. However, it is estimated that a person within YouTube can generate approximately $ 1 per 1,000 views.

If you are interested in generating money with your social networks, you can have an idea of ​​the average profit you would be receiving this data.

There is no confusion that making money with social networks is one of the most popular methods of generating income online today. The importance of networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter has been brutal.

Millions of registered users share all kinds of content every second, which causes a lot of money to be spent on advertising. Everyone wants their share of the inventions and we are going to be less, right?

Optimization of social profiles

Once your profiles have been created on the most important social networks, it is essential to optimize them and give them a personal touch. Remember that the image is very important and that is why you must work a little on it. That was the main reason why Twitter removed the famous “profile eggs.”

It is not that you have to invest too much time, but you should at least have a good description of yourself, your goals and interests, what you offer, and so on. A good cover photo and a contact email are also important.

Remember that,

The main objective is to earn money online and for this, you have to increase your visibility and reputation on the net.

Social sharing sites

Here we will list the pages where, despite not earning money directly, you can do it indirectly through exchanges of social shares.

Thanks to that, you will be able to promote your referral and/or affiliate links, your own or third-party products, marketing campaigns, etc.


It is one of the most famous pages to get followers on social networks and all kinds of interactions to gain popularity on the Internet.

Apart from sharing things with our friends and followers, today, social networks have become a place where we can earn extra money most easily.

Remember, it is not convenient for you to spam advertising to your followers or friends. In the long run, that won’t do you any good. Try to share things that your followers may be interested in. You will see how, in the end, you will win.

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