How to start an online business

online business

How to start an online business

Starting an online business and starting to make money is possible: find out how in this mini-guide we have created for you …

Have you thought several times to start an online business but you never decided to do it because you are convinced that your product or service is not suitable to be sold on the web?

Nothing could be more wrong!

The truth is that the web is just a tool: there is no product or service impossible to sell online , it all depends on how your business model and your web marketing strategy are set.

Start an online business and earn

Opening a business, whether online or offline, is never easy, especially if you do not have large amounts to invest. However, some roads lead to success more easily: just follow some precautions and above all avoid making some mistakes. Let’s see together what to do to start an online business that is a source of satisfaction and profit.

How do you find the winning idea for an online business?

People buy products or services that allow them to solve a problem: what you need to do to ensure your online business is to find a common problem for a certain type of consumer and offer them a solution.

Do you know the story of Joy Mangano?

online business

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Divorced, mother of three children and a worker, Joy wanted to find a quicker and easier way to wash the floors without bending, putting her hands in the water and squeezing the rag: so she invented the mop, which revolutionized the lives of millions of homemakers.

But the examples that could be done are countless: the important thing is to identify a consumer target with a problem that has not yet been resolved and offer a solution, creating a need where it was not there.

But I already have my market niche offline!

It is not said that what works offline also works online.

If you have a business already started and your goal is to expand online you must necessarily redefine your target: for example, your online customer might have a different purchasing power compared to offline customers, perhaps because they are younger, or with different needs.

A preliminary analysis of the market, your product sector and the target audience is essential to correctly set up your business model.

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Identify the right web marketing strategy

Once you have identified your target and defined your business model, you will have the tools to design your strategy.

The first step to do (it is trivial, but it is good to remember) is to create a website through which your customers can purchase or know in depth your products or services. It does not necessarily have to be an e-commerce, at least not in the initial phase: it depends on the type of business (for example it is not necessarily necessary if you sell services) and your needs. You can also think about starting with a showcase site and then opening an e-commerce.

The next phase provides for the definition of …

  • Type of content to create and convey that are of interest for the target identified: In this way you will offer your potential customers useful information and resources, working on building your credibility
  • Channels of content disclosure / acquisition of new customers: Each audience has its favorite channels on which to interact and search for information. Choose among the various social channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.) those on which you are more likely to intercept and acquire new customers by divulging your content.
  • Definition of the sales funnel: Establish the phases of the buyer’s journey of your customer and enter it in a path that starts from the lead generation, that is, the acquisition of contacts, passes through the email marketing and ends with a more less explicit to purchase.
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The mistakes you can not do to start an online business

If you’ve done everything we’ve suggested so far you’re on your way, but that does not mean you can lower your guard: here are 3 mistakes you always have to watch from committing if you want your online business to succeed.

Do not inquire / form yourself

Do not inquire by doing a preliminary market analysis to know well the competitors and the target audience and not training on the main marketing strategies and online communication is one of the worst mistakes you can make if you decided to start an online business: for to win you must know the game field and the best performing tactics, and continue to train and inform you even after the launch, because, especially in the web, the news are followed at the speed of light and you never stop learn.

See marketing as a cost and not as an investment

If you think that investing in marketing is superfluous to start your online business you’re really starting off on the wrong foot: online advertising is an integral part of your business plan and you can not see it as a cost, that is an activity that unfortunately must be done because “They all do”, but as an investment that goes hand in hand with the launch of your business and without which it is impossible to grow.

Do not rely on online communication professionals

If you have decided to start an online business you can not think of being able to do everything by yourself: while you take care of packaging the product someone else will have to deal with the aspects related to its promotion. This does not mean putting everything in the hands of someone else and completely disinterested in marketing, on the contrary: only with appropriate training you will be able to choose and rely on professionals really competent and able to grow your business.

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